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MINI Cooper SE Becomes Formula E Peyscar

MINI Cooper SE Becomes Formula E Peyscar
MINI Cooper SE Becomes Formula E Peyscar

Video: MINI Cooper SE Becomes Formula E Peyscar

Video: MINI Cooper SE Becomes Formula E Peyscar
Video: MINI Electric Pacesetter. Первый электрический MINI как автомобиль безопасности Formula E 2023, May

MINI has unveiled a new safety car for the FIFormulE racing championship, a teaser of which was released last Thursday. Peyscar MINI Pacesetter is built on the basis of the serial electric hatch Cooper SE.

  • The wheel arch extensions, side skirts and front splitter are 3D printed from recycled carbon. Powerful brakes are visible behind the 18-inch discs in two-tone paint. On the sidewalls of the body near the arches, well-developed channels for their cooling are clearly visible.
  • Massive details stand out at the stern - a bumper diffuser and a wing on the roof. The MINI Pacesetter is generously sprinkled with yellow and white strobe lights to give everyone a noticeable signal. Orange and red fragments stand out on the matte gray body. The suspension is adjustable in compression and height. The track is widened relative to the original vehicle.
  • Only the driver's seat remained in the cabin - a racing bucket. All unnecessary was removed, including the central place in the serial MINI media system. All that remains is the racing digital instrument cluster and the very compact steering wheel. A roll cage is installed, and the inner door skins are made of carbon fiber.

  • How much it was possible to lighten the commercial MINI Cooper SE is not reported. However, with an unchanged power plant - an 184-horsepower electric motor - the peyscar accelerates to 100 km / h six-tenths faster than a serial electric car: in 6.7 seconds versus 7.3.
  • The car will debut on April 10 at the stage in Rome. The Pacesetter won't even go on sale in limited editions, but in the future, the John Cooper Works division will also produce charged electric models.
  • Earlier on Avto.ru there was an announcement about the sale of the MINI electric hatchback, which is not officially supplied to Russia. The car was put up for Automotive News with a price of 2.75 million rubles. The new MINI hatchback with a petrol engine costs a million less. And the Countryman crossover starts at 2.3 million rubles.

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