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Details On Lamborghini Aventador Successor: V12 And Supercapacitor

Details On Lamborghini Aventador Successor: V12 And Supercapacitor
Details On Lamborghini Aventador Successor: V12 And Supercapacitor

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Video: Lamborghini Aventador Re-design - Domesticated? 2023, January

Lamborghini will retain the 12-cylinder engine on the new flagship supercar, but will supplement it with an electrical component. It is reported by Autocar. According to the publication, the new power plant will be built on the model used on the Sian super coupe, presented in 2019. The company can show a prototype of the novelty by the end of the year.

  • The current head of Lamborghini Stefan Winkelmann said that the company's main priority when developing future new items in the current situation is to preserve the brand's image and meet the expectations of future buyers. “We have to stay Lamborghini, reinventing Lamborghini - to change everything so as not to change anything,” the publication quotes the statement of the head of the Italian company.
  • It has already been confirmed that the successor to the Aventador will retain the naturally aspirated V12, but will also receive an electric "appendage". At the same time, Lamborghini tends to opt for supercapacitors instead of the usual bundle of an electric motor and a battery pack - mainly due to excess weight. At the same time, as previously reported, the new supercar can get a hybrid all-wheel drive system with electric motors on the front wheels, modeled on the one used on the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

  • The main goal of Lamborghini for this year is the launch of the Huracan STO supercar on the market, but the company plans to present in addition to it two more novelties, about which nothing is known yet. Sources of the publication suggest that one of them may be a concept car, anticipating the appearance of the successor to the Aventador. At the same time, according to the company's strategy, it is the future novelty that will be the last model in the history of Lamborghini with a 12-cylinder engine.
  • The Lamborghini Sian was powered by a 785-horsepower V12, assisted by a 34-horsepower electric motor. He received energy from a supercapacitor weighing only 33 kilograms. As a result, Sian is able to accelerate to 100 km / h in less than 2.8 seconds.

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