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See How Tesla Now Needs To Shift Gears (spoiler: Very Difficult)

See How Tesla Now Needs To Shift Gears (spoiler: Very Difficult)
See How Tesla Now Needs To Shift Gears (spoiler: Very Difficult)

Video: See How Tesla Now Needs To Shift Gears (spoiler: Very Difficult)

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Video: Elon Musk Destroys Jeremy Clarkson (LAWSUIT AGAINST TOPGEAR) 2023, February

The recent update of TeslModel S and Model X not only brings the original wheel and large media screen to their interiors, but also removes the physical gear selector. As follows from the video posted on the Twitter account of Michael Hsu, the control of the direction of movement of electric cars has become more difficult and not obvious.

  • Judging by the video, it is now proposed to transfer the power plant from parking mode to driving modes backward or forward using the same touch screen. In the lower left corner of the monitor, a small slider with a car icon is visible, which must be moved up or down, thereby switching the operating modes of the electric motors.
  • The Motor Authority notes that the new scheme looks less sophisticated and more dangerous than the traditional physical selector. Firstly, there are no D or R marks on the screen, denoting the direction of travel on traditional selectors: thus, at any given time it is not clear in which mode the power plant is. Secondly, on video, the system's interface looks slow, which further complicates the problem.
  • Thirdly, the driver can simply get confused where to move the slider and turn on the wrong gear - and this is fraught with an accident. Finally, turning off the screen will also turn off the "gearbox". Another factor aggravating the situation is the obvious possibility of forgetfulness not to put the electric car into parking mode, which also increases the likelihood of an accident.

  • It is not yet known whether such a power plant control scheme will be used on the updated TeslModel S and Model X. The company is now trying to convince American regulators that the "steering wheel" invented during the restyling instead of the traditional steering wheel is safe both during driving and in case of accidents.

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