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Yandex.Drive Told How Many Carsharing Cars Pass And Who Uses Them

Yandex.Drive Told How Many Carsharing Cars Pass And Who Uses Them
Yandex.Drive Told How Many Carsharing Cars Pass And Who Uses Them

Video: Yandex.Drive Told How Many Carsharing Cars Pass And Who Uses Them

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Yandex.Drive has published the results of a study of the audience of a short-term car rental service and the impact of car sharing on the urban environment. The average age of service users is growing, as is the driving experience, and with the increase in the number of occupied cars, the influence of car sharing on the state of the Moscow parking space becomes more noticeable.

  • The average service car makes 8 trips on weekdays and 9 on weekends. In special cases, the number of trips may exceed two dozen. And if the average time that a car spends in motion is 4 hours, then one of the recorded records is 6 hours 17 minutes per day.
  • Among the cars of different classes available for rent per minute within the framework of the service, business class cars and cargo vans work hardest. On average, they spend 7 hours 58 minutes and 5 hours 56 minutes in motion, and during this time they cover 144 and 125 kilometers, respectively. Economy and Comfort class cars are used for shorter routes, but they account for more trips - 8.2 and 7.5 versus 6.4 for business class.
  • The growth of the Yandex.Drive service audience has led to a change in its age structure. Over the past three years, the share of users over 35 has doubled. Since the launch of the service, the average driving experience of the audience has noticeably increased (from 9 to 12 years).

  • The number of experienced drivers has increased to 30% (approximately twice), the number of users with little experience (from 2 to 4 years) has decreased - also twice, to 12%. At the same time, the bulk of Yandex.Drive's audience are drivers aged 25 to 34.
  • In general, the “growing up” of the audience leads to the fact that the driving style becomes calmer: users under the age of 50, according to the researchers, make sharp brakes twice less often than drivers of 21 (the minimum age of access to the service).
  • The active use of car-sharing leads to an accelerated release of parking spaces: car-sharing cars are usually not idle in parking lots. Between 8:00 and 21:00, about 60% of Yandex.Drive parking lots inside the Moscow Ring Road last no more than an hour. At the same time, in general, a car sharing car is operated for up to six and a half hours during the day and makes 8-9 trips during this time.

  • Most often, carsharing cars are taken in order to get to a transport hub (airport, train station or metro) or to places from which it will not be possible to leave by car - to bars, clubs and restaurants. In other respects, the scheme of using the service resembles the model of operating private cars: in the morning, cars accumulate closer to the center of the capital, and in the evening they leave for sleeping areas.
  • Yandex.Drive service began operating in Moscow in February 2018. Since then, the service vehicles have traveled more than a billion kilometers, and the vehicle fleet has grown by about 20 times and is now considered the largest in the world - there are more than 11 thousand cars in it.

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