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One Tram Without Brakes And Six Beaten Cars

One Tram Without Brakes And Six Beaten Cars
One Tram Without Brakes And Six Beaten Cars

Video: One Tram Without Brakes And Six Beaten Cars

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Video: Brake Checks & Сut Semi Trucks. Stupid Drivers Karma. 2023, January

In Romania, there was a massive road accident involving a tram - the train damaged six cars. According to preliminary information, his brakes failed. One person was taken to hospital, adevarul.ro reports.

  • The accident occurred on March 16 in the city of Iasi, the second most populous in the country. It all starts with the impact of a hatchback, whose driver missed oncoming traffic before making a U-turn. The next car tries to avoid the collision, but it does not work - the car in the tail of a small traffic jam in front of the traffic light interferes.
  • After the second blow, the train continues to move and approaches the convoy of cars on the tracks. The taxi driver at the end notices this and manages to taxi into the oncoming lane. The Mercedes standing in front of him also tried to get out of the way, but ran into the car from the side, lightly hitting it. Further, the tram rams him too, causing a collision with two more cars in a traffic jam.
  • It is noteworthy that after that the tram stops as if the brakes are still working. Who exactly got to the hospital is not specified, but the other participants in the accident were not injured.

  • In February of this year, an unusual road accident occurred near Moscow, where a rocket complex assembled an accident, a "train". There were no casualties, but the cars were seriously damaged.

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