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Insurers Offered To "untie" Diagnostic Cards From OSAGO

Insurers Offered To "untie" Diagnostic Cards From OSAGO
Insurers Offered To "untie" Diagnostic Cards From OSAGO
Video: Insurers Offered To "untie" Diagnostic Cards From OSAGO
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The Russian Union of Auto Insurers has proposed to allow the issuance of "compulsory car insurance" policies without diagnostic cards. As the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" clarifies, the unusual innovation is considered as a temporary measure for the period of queues at the points of maintenance with the beginning of the reform.

  • RSA predicts a shortage of diagnostic cards with the start of the technical inspection reform. Earlier it was reported that the union of auto insurers surveyed the existing operators for their readiness to work under the new rules. Less than half of the companies confirmed their intention to continue working. RSA has not yet received a response to inquiries sent to regional authorities.
  • Against this background, insurers propose to allow the purchase of OSAGO policies without going through a technical inspection (for which period it is not specified). The insurance community fears that difficulties in obtaining diagnostic cards could destabilize the entire market for “compulsory car insurance”. According to the publication, which refers to the president of the RSA Igor Yurgens, the Central Bank shares the concerns of insurers. However, no concrete decisions have been made yet.
  • For the absence of a diagnostic card, Russian drivers are planned to be fined. The amount of the fine will be 2 thousand rubles, and it will be imposed with the help of traffic cameras. But due to the pandemic, the deadline for imposing a new sanction was pushed back to March 1, 2022.

  • Earlier, due to the pandemic, the technical inspection was already temporarily "untied" from the OSAGO system. Insurers were allowed to sell policies without diagnostic cards, but this measure was canceled on October 1.

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