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Mr. Daredevil: Six Questions To Stuntman And Racer Tanner Faust

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Mr. Daredevil: Six Questions To Stuntman And Racer Tanner Faust
Mr. Daredevil: Six Questions To Stuntman And Racer Tanner Faust
Video: Mr. Daredevil: Six Questions To Stuntman And Racer Tanner Faust
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He stormed the dirt on rally-cross cars, smoked mercilessly in the FormulDrift series, performed dead loops on a budget hatchback, excellently staged in the most famous Hollywood blockbusters like Fast and Furious and Bourne. and was featured in the American TopGear. The list of iconic episodes in the crazy life of Tanner Faust is updated online, but while the quarantine raged, we got to this stunt racer-showman to ask a couple of questions

1. How many years have you been driving?

I've been a professional driver for over twenty years - almost 25. I'm 46, so I started pretty late, in college or just after graduation. But I have a rich experience.

2. Your first car

The first car was a 1985 HondCivic. I wish it was the SI version, but no … It was my car, it belonged to me, and it was cool.

3. Which cars do you like and which ones disgust?

One of my favorites … Well, I have a Golf R and I represent the R division at Volkswagen. I appreciate fast cars, which is why I've always been a Porsche fan. My dad bought one when I was three and then gave it to me. So the 911 has been with me for 43 years. Well, and the GT3 RS is generally one of my favorite cars.

Machines that make you sick? I'll think about it now … Pontiac Aztec. Such, light brown.

4. What is more difficult - racing or performing stunts?

Racing is much more difficult because you have to give 100% of your best all the time. You are participating in order to win. To beat people with the same cars and the same skills as yours. So you have to do something cool.

In a movie, all you have to do is work for a specific camera. The difficulty in film tricks is that often the cars are not prepared for them. So as a driver, you have to outsmart the car, change the pressure, do whatever it takes to get the piece of hardware to do whatever the director wants.

5. The most ridiculous accident, which is ashamed to remember

It was on the track, in an ordinary car. I flew into the air in a HondCivic and rolled over seven times. This is probably the worst of all my accidents, well, or the second on the list of the worst, because I was only 18 years old. There have been more accidents in racing, but sports cars have a ton of protection devices, so they are not that dangerous.

6. You participated in the filming of the movie "Ford v Ferrari" - to what top speed did you accelerate on set?

We actually drove pretty fast. In many movies, you drive at 100 km / h, and it looks like 160, so there is no point in going any faster. But here we were preparing the cars as if for real races. Almost all of the drivers on set were racers, so sometimes we accelerated to 220 km / h, even on a wet track. Hopefully it looked fast enough in the shot. At least in the car, the speed was very much felt.

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