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Tesla Ranked Last In Quality New Cars

Tesla Ranked Last In Quality  New Cars
Tesla Ranked Last In Quality New Cars

Video: Tesla Ranked Last In Quality New Cars

Video: Tesla Ranked Last In Quality  New Cars
Video: Tesla ranks last in J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey, Chevrolet Sonic was the highest ranked 2023, June

Analytical firm J. D. Power has published a rating of the quality of new cars sold in the US market. The study was conducted from February to May 2020. It surveyed 87,282 new car buyers and renters after at least 90 days of ownership. The respondents answered 233 questions, divided into nine categories.

  • Tesl cars were included in the study for the first time, and the brand immediately took the last, 32nd place with an indicator of 250 detected complaints per 100 vehicles. However, even at J. D. Power recognized the Tesl result as unofficial: the automaker does not give permission to survey owners of electric vehicles in 15 states, and according to the rating rules, checks must be carried out in all regions of the United States. However, J. D. Power spoke to 1,250 Tesl owners in 35 states, most of whom own Model 3s.
  • As for the complaints, most of the buyers of Tesl electric vehicles complained about the color, poorly docked body parts and extraneous sounds. In the technical part and electronics, there were practically no problems.
  • For the first time in the 34-year history of the ranking, the American automaker Dodge took the first place with the result of 136 problems per 100 cars. Leadership is shared by the Kia brand, and last year's winner, the premium brand Genesis, came in only fifth (142 complaints), behind Chevrolet and Ram (141 issues).

  • Most of the premium brands were below the average in terms of problem-freeness - 166 problems per 100 cars. Besides Genesis, only Lexus (159) and Cadillac (162) made it to the top of the rankings, followed by Audi (225) and Land Rover (228).
  • Excluding Tesla, almost a quarter of all problems noted by owners in new cars are related to multimedia systems. The biggest complaints are about voice control, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth.

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