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Online Booking On Avto.ru - How It Works

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Online Booking On Avto.ru - How It Works
Online Booking On Avto.ru - How It Works

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Buying cars on the Internet no longer seems like something distant and innovative: amid the coronavirus pandemic and the self-isolation regime, many car dealers have launched online services for selling cars. It turned out that Russians have a positive attitude towards such services and are ready to use them.

Auto RU launched a new service - online car booking. Now the user will be able to reserve the car they like right from the ad. For a dealer, this is an excellent channel for finding a “warm contact” intending to buy a car, and for a buyer, it is an opportunity to book the desired car at a specified price even before visiting a car dealership.

How booking works

  • To allow booking a car, the dealer must mark the selected ads in the Avto.ru personal account during manual unloading, or add the booking_allowed tag in the feed if auto unload is used. A button "Book a car" will appear in the ad, and in the search results it will be marked with a "Can be booked" badge.
  • The user can book a car at the price indicated in the announcement, the reservation is held for three days. To make a reservation, the buyer must specify the contact information: full name and phone number - it is verified by SMS. The final cost of the car should be checked with the dealer.

  • The client will need to "pay" for the reservation - the reservation costs 10,000 rubles. This amount is frozen on the buyer's card, but not debited - after all, this is only a confirmation of the intention to buy the car. After booking, the ad will still appear in the listing, but the ad will display a "Car Reserved" badge.
  • After making the reservation, Avto.ru sends the application to the dealer, who contacts the client and completes the transaction: the user pays the full cost of the car directly to the dealer. When the seller confirms the deal in the Avto.ru personal account, the frozen amount is unlocked, and the car is automatically removed from sale on the classified page. If the dealer has not confirmed the deal, the money will be returned to the client upon the expiration of the booking period.

What to do if the deal did not take place

If within the five days allotted for the reservation, the transaction does not take place, the application is automatically canceled, and the dealer's contact details will be shown again in the ad. The client's money will be returned to him in full.

Only a dealer can cancel a reservation. This is necessary, for example, if the client for some reason changed his mind about buying a car. At this stage, you can find out the reason for this decision: perhaps he found the offer more interesting and then you can make a counter offer and return to the deal. If, for example, a customer has postponed a purchase, then it is important to maintain warm contact with him - probably, in the near future he will start choosing a car again. To cancel the reservation, the buyer needs to contact the manager of the car dealership. The money will be returned to the client after the dealer confirms the cancellation of the application.

Where applications are displayed and how much does it cost

Applications with customer contacts are visible in the personal account of the Auto.ru dealer in the section "Reservation requests". In addition, you can enable automatic mailing to the email addresses specified in the settings. The application is confirmed or canceled if for some reason it is impossible to sell this car or it turns out that the user is no longer interested in buying.


The new service is free. In addition, there are no financial transactions between Avto.ru and the seller during the booking process: we do not transfer the amount for the booking to the dealer's account.

Reservations are available for all new and used passenger cars.In the personal account, the dealer can configure the transfer of data via API - which car the reservation came to or the client's contacts. Your regional manager will tell you how to do this.

If you still have questions about booking, please contact your manager or write to us at [email protected]

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