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In May, The Russian Truck Market Began To Revive

In May, The Russian Truck Market Began To Revive
In May, The Russian Truck Market Began To Revive

Video: In May, The Russian Truck Market Began To Revive

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The Russian light commercial vehicle (LCV) and heavy duty truck market in May began to recover from activity restrictions due to the coronavirus. If in April sales of LCV fell by 44%, then in May already by only 27%. As for the heavier truck segment, in April the decline was 32.5%, and in May - only 13%.

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  • In May, sales of new LCVs in Russia amounted to 5.5 thousand units, which is 27% less than a year ago, Avtostat calculated. The first place in the segment belongs to the GAZ brand: it occupied 44% of the total volume, having sold almost 2.4 thousand light commercial vehicles. This is 30% less than in May 2019.
  • The second place was taken by Ford, which sold 954 cars and showed the highest growth among competitors: sales by May last year rose by 33% at once. The third place was taken by UAZ: 776 cars sold and a decline of 37%.
  • The top five also included VAZ Lad (581 cars and minus 21%) and Volkswagen (186 units, a decline of 50%). In just the past five months, 34.7 thousand units of new LCVs were bought in Russia, which is 16% less than in the same period last year.

  • As for the medium-tonnage and heavy segments of commercial vehicles, here, according to Avtostat, the volume of May sales amounted to 4.4 thousand units (13% less than in May 2019). The first place is held by KamAZ: Kama auto products accounted for 2 thousand sold cars (minus 34% against last year's May), which is equal to 45% of the total sales volume.
  • The second place was taken by GAZ trucks: 466 vehicles were sold (minus 15%). In third place is Japanese Isuzu, which increased sales by 5% and managed to sell 241 trucks. Volvo is the fourth, but the May decline was 49% (228 units sold), the Belarusian MAZ, which took the fifth place, has a 30% drop. In total, for 5 months of 2020, the sales of new medium-tonnage and heavy trucks decreased by 11% and amounted to 26.5 thousand units.

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