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Death Suits Them: 10 Cars That Refused To Go Under Pressure

Death Suits Them: 10 Cars That Refused To Go Under Pressure
Death Suits Them: 10 Cars That Refused To Go Under Pressure

Video: Death Suits Them: 10 Cars That Refused To Go Under Pressure

Video: Death Suits Them: 10 Cars That Refused To Go Under Pressure
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With proper care, cars can delight their owners for a very long time. And even resurrect if some enthusiast decides to invest a couple of hundred thousand dollars in an old, moldy Aston Martin. However, some cars do not need care, and there are cars that can move, even if they are literally dying. Here are 10 examples.

At the time of its debut, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class W140 was one of the safest and most reliable cars on the planet. But neither the first nor the second fact makes him invulnerable. This video was filmed on a highway in France. It seems that the driver of the Mercedes is simply trying with all his might to hide from the scene of the accident. And in some incomprehensible way he does it!

Convertibles are rare among trucks. The one-of-a-kind ScaniR999 “Red Pearl” and the Leyland T45 come to mind. However, this does not mean that a truck without a roof cannot be found on a regular road. True, it's a little illegal to drive it. And it's dangerous.

If the car has a front-engine layout and front-wheel drive, then, by and large, it does not matter what is there with the rear part of the body. The Suzuki-Maruti hatchback proves this. In India, not everyone can afford to buy even a used car instead of an old one, so they drive cars to the last.

In general, it is Japanese cars that are most often featured in such videos. It seems that the legendary Japanese quality is affected: the cars beat, but they only get stronger. Recently in Thailand, a ToyotHilux pickup was captured, on which a meteorite seems to have fallen, but nothing - the car is still driving.

Also recent history. In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, a multimillionaire and auto-exotic owner Ben Chen decided to sweep through the center of empty New York in a GemballMirage GT, built on the basis of CarrerGT. But he did not calculate his own strength. And instead of stopping after the first accident, Chen continued to move. It is very painful to look at such a sight.

American pickup trucks try to keep up with their Japanese counterparts, also demonstrating the inflexibility of character. It would seem that this Chevrolet, which was spotted on one of the Texas highways, has a place in a landfill (at best, at a sensible straightener), but no, it is still in service. And he also moves independently!

There is either a meme or a joke that there is a pillar for every ToyotMark II. However, by the looks of it, all Toyotas have a bit of post-thrust and side impact traction. Even the front-wheel drive Corolla.

Domestic cars, perhaps, are not the most comfortable, not the fastest, not the most reliable, ergonomic … But they definitely cannot be denied in endurance. How many VAZ "classics" continue to travel across the CIS? And how many "Muscovites" continue to crawl stubbornly from the markets, being overloaded with tangerines or potatoes? Tens of thousands! And this "eight" is also a fine fellow. We won't be surprised if she goes to work.

Body stiffness? Doors? Roof? Any hint of safety? When you want to hang out with friends in the village, all this is useless. This "Moskvich" did not split in two only thanks to a miracle, but this does not prevent the guys on board from having fun. Our answer to the dancing American Impalas!

Everything in this story is terrible. A news story was even filmed about the damaged Corolla from Yaroslavl. Take care of yourself and never do the same!