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Home Autoexotics: 7 Questions To The Most Famous Blonde In The World YouTube

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Home Autoexotics: 7 Questions To The Most Famous Blonde In The World YouTube
Home Autoexotics: 7 Questions To The Most Famous Blonde In The World YouTube

Video: Home Autoexotics: 7 Questions To The Most Famous Blonde In The World YouTube

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Video: 30 Famous Blonde Women - Celebrities 2023, January

She is called the most visible lady in the automotive community. Today, the glamorous Alex Mary Hirshi - or simply Supercar Blondie - has 3.6 million YouTube users, over six million Instagram followers, her own Rolls-Royce, and a luxurious life under the bright Dubai sun. And supercars, which this blonde did not ride, either do not exist, or have not yet been assembled at factories. While the whole world was sitting in isolation, we wrote to Alex to ask a few questions of interest to everyone: about isolation, about Russian cars, about a woman's view of the ideal car

1. What do you miss the most in quarantine?

People … I miss my friends. You're probably waiting for me to say the opportunity to get behind the wheel, but it's actually great to take that break to … be with my family, so I miss the people the most.

2. How many years have you been driving?

I learned to drive early as I grew up in the countryside. Already at the age of 11, she got behind the wheel. This is a fairly common story in Australia. True, I officially got the license 17 years ago.

3. What is the strangest prejudice associated with women driving that you have heard?

There are a lot of them, these prejudices about women and cars. I think what kills me the most is this: women don't understand anything about cars. The fact is that men also do not understand anything about them until a certain moment. After all, everyone is born the same. And sometimes men are like: oh, we know everything, and women are nothing, but this is some kind of stupidity. All of us, in order to gain some knowledge, must ask questions and investigate, so that we are in exactly the same conditions.

4. What's the most unusual thing in a car you've ever seen?

It must be a hologram. The W Motors brand has a car with such a box on the center console. When you start the engine, a hologram appears in it, with the help of which you switch the radio, music, everything that you control. You just stick your finger in this thing and control it. It is very cool.

5. What do you drive every day?

My everyday car - I just bought it - is a Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge. The sportiest Rolls Royce, the most powerful Rolls Royce, and I ride it every day. Super deluxe and very powerful, I'm in love with him.

6. Have you ever driven a Russian car?

I have never sat behind the wheel of a Russian car. And I have never been to Russia! This is one of the very first things I want to do! I can't wait to go to Russia. I saw so many awesome cars on the Internet, so many cool people that I just burn out with impatience.

7. If you designed the car yourself, what would it be?

In general, this is my goal - someday to create my own car. If this happens in the next few years, I would like it to be a hybrid. We are now in a unique situation of transition from internal combustion engines to electric motors. I hope that it will remain so for a long time, although the future is definitely in electricity. Being in a moment like this is great, and I would celebrate this time with the creation of a hybrid car. It would, I think, have a twin-turbo V8 and a few electric motors. And he would look completely insane, like something from another world. It would probably have butterfly-wing doors, and also … maybe a crazy stabilizer fin all the way to its tail. So many ideas … like the door panels from McLaren Senna, you can choose the option to be just transparent so you can see the road on the sides when you drive. I've even seen cars with glass floors when you can see the road below. In general, I have a lot of ideas!

In fact, we literally bombarded our heroine with questions and received sincere answers. Watch the full interview and let us know in the comments if you follow the reviews from Supercar Blondie

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