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Don't Wake The Beast: 10 Examples Of What Animals Can Do To Cars

Don't Wake The Beast: 10 Examples Of What Animals Can Do To Cars
Don't Wake The Beast: 10 Examples Of What Animals Can Do To Cars

Video: Don't Wake The Beast: 10 Examples Of What Animals Can Do To Cars

Video: Don't Wake The Beast: 10 Examples Of What Animals Can Do To Cars
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It would seem that animals are such cute fluffy creatures that you can stroke and feed with sugar. No matter how it is! Wild animals are serious and strong guys who, in a few minutes, are able to turn even such a strong thing as a car into a pile of garbage. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

Car against dogs

We do not know why this Toyot Coroll from Turkey did not please the dogs. Apparently, the pack of dogs was attracted by "something" in the engine compartment of the car. Perhaps there was a cat hiding from pursuit. And the dogs did not think of anything better how to turn the front of the sedan into a "TV". The owner's morning was hardly joyful.

Car against cats

This video became a real hit on the social network TikTok at the end of last year - thanks to it even the hashtag popcorncat (cat-pop-corn) appeared.

The situation is as follows: Jessica Rice drove her Pontiac Bonneville to her grandparents. When the girl remembered that she had forgotten something in the car, she discovered that her mother, who had arrived with her, had forgotten to close the passenger window. And that some kind of "movement" has already begun in the car. When Jessica came closer, she discovered that a real cat party had formed in the Pontiac salon. Caught by surprise, the cats began to rush around the car in an attempt to find a way out.

The car was hardly seriously damaged, but the upholstery and plastic definitely received a dozen or two new scratches. It is possible that there were other "surprises" in the salon, requiring dry cleaning, but history is silent about this.

The car against the ram

Animals seem to have difficulties with Toyota vehicles. So the Camry got it. As they correctly point out in the comments, then try to prove to the insurance company what exactly happened to you. In this battle, the ram clearly emerged victorious. His horns did not fall off after the fight, but the Camry, at least, will need a new bumper.

Car vs giraffe

In fact, giraffes are peaceful herbivores that show aggression only towards a competing male during mating periods. But it looks like this giant spotted a competitor in the Range Rover Evoque. The first blows, which sent the car from the "cosmetic painting" category to "serious body repair", were not included in the frame. But the head kick recorded on the video was enough for the victim to be considered not only the car, but also the giraffe: it seems that he also received a slight injury.

Car against rhino

But rhinos have never been a docile character. These animals only at first glance seem calm and slow - in fact, any little thing can unbalance them. What the guardian of a safari park in Germany was convinced of. When the woman approached the rhinoceros too short distance, the beast began to behave aggressively. First, he turned the Volkswagen Golf onto the roof with a horn. And then he attacked the hatchback until the car looked like a pancake. By a happy coincidence, the caretaker was not hurt, escaping with a couple of scratches and bruises.

Car vs elephant

Elephants have a reputation as animals that rarely harm humans. Such simple-minded good-natured people who haul logs with their mighty trunks and ride tourists. In fact, elephants can destroy too. Especially during periods of mating activity.

An elephant from South Africa's Kruger National Park has shown signs of aggression in the past, but the last straw for the animal was visitors to the Volkswagen Polo. Alas, due to the uncontrollable nature of the animal later had to be shot.

A married couple was in Volkswagen at the time of the attack. The passenger was taken to the hospital with a dissection, but quickly recovered and was discharged home.

The car against the elephant seal

If you ever park your car off the coast, make sure there are no elephant seals in the area. These mighty creatures, whose mass can reach 2.5 tons, are not very happy with uninvited guests in their possessions. Therefore, they can easily turn the hood, sidewalls or other parts of the car into scrap metal. And for this they need neither paws, nor trunk, nor horns.

Car against the bear

In the US, bears turn cars into mince almost every month. So, if you delve into the bins of YouTube, you will find many videos in which brown giants equip their life right in their cars.

One of the more recent cases occurred in California. The situation is typical: the bear smelled the smell of food, climbed into the car (in this case, through the driver's door), but could not get out. As a result, the police had to rescue the predator. Of course, after such a "passenger", the Toyot4Runner salon turned into tatters.

Camel versus car

A video that is painful to watch and even harder to explain logically. The incident took place in the Indian city of Bikaner in 2018. The camel fell on a Toyota Corolla (seriously, what's wrong with these Toyota?), Broke the windshield and was trapped in the cabin. It was possible to free the animal only after the arrival of a brigade of rescuers, who cut off the roof of the sedan.

In the course of the misadventure, the camel received a fracture of one of the limbs, but, according to veterinarians, nothing threatened his life and he quickly recovered.

Car against boars

There was no boar attack on a car in this story, but it is instructive. It reminds you that even a fenced-off highway cannot guarantee your safety. And that on the road it is better not to risk it again.

A married couple drove along the SH130 toll road from Austin to San Antonio, Texas. This highway is also known for having a fairly high maximum speed limit for America - 85 miles per hour (almost 140 kilometers per hour). But since this is Texas, where wild boars are found almost in the center of Dallas, wild pigs in the composition of 30 went out on the road …

There are no photos from the scene of the accident in the video. But there is a result - a completely destroyed Infiniti QX56 SUV, which made about 10 coups until it landed. The fact that people did not die in the incident can be considered a real miracle.