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Moscow Allowed To Sell Cars

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Moscow Allowed To Sell Cars
Moscow Allowed To Sell Cars

Video: Moscow Allowed To Sell Cars

Video: Moscow Allowed To Sell Cars
Video: Buying a New Car in Russia. What's the best selling car brand in Russia? 2023, June

Dealerships selling cars and motorcycles have resumed their work in Moscow since June 1. Moscow retailers are instructed to follow the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor aimed at reducing the risk of coronavirus infection. We will briefly tell you how dealers will work.

For visitors:

  • it is necessary to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters - for this special markings will be applied. With a large crowd of people, you will have to wait outside and also keep your distance;

  • visitors will need to wear masks and gloves. If there is no one of your own, the employees of the auto center will give them out
  • disinfectants for hands will also appear in the showroom - antiseptics or disinfectant wipes;
  • cafes remain closed and test drives - test drives - will not take place.

For dealership employees:

  • at the entrance to the car dealership and in the showroom, it is necessary to place memo with safety standards and quarantine measures;
  • before opening a car dealership and during the working day, you need to clean the room using disinfectants;
  • Before the start of the working day, all employees of the company will have their body temperature measured. If there are signs of illness, the employee is not allowed to work;
  • at the workplace, personnel should be provided with masks, which should be changed every 3 hours, gloves, antiseptic or other hand sanitizer;
  • you need to communicate with a client or colleagues at a distance or through special shields - usually these are protective screens, for example, made of transparent plexiglass or glass;
  • After working with a client, it is necessary to disinfect the contact surfaces - writing pens, armrests of chairs, and so on. Contact points in the car interior also need to be processed;
  • the movement of employees during a break should be limited - going outside the territory or moving inside the car dealership;
  • you should dine in a separate, specially designated room, equipped with a sink and a dispenser with hand sanitizer;
  • in the showroom, it is required to install bactericidal irradiators - special lamps that disinfect the air;

  • every two hours it is necessary to ventilate the premises and exclude the operation of air conditioners;
  • the auto center must have at least a five-day supply of detergents and disinfectants and personal protective equipment - masks, respirators and gloves.

In addition, during the working day, employees will be examined for signs of illness. Employees from the risk group - people over 65 years old, pregnant women, as well as people with chronic diseases or with reduced immunity - were ordered to be suspended from work or transferred to "remote work". Dealers near Moscow returned to their "usual" operating hours a week earlier.

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