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VW Passat And Skoda Superb Fail Moose Test

VW Passat And Skoda Superb Fail Moose Test
VW Passat And Skoda Superb Fail Moose Test

Video: VW Passat And Skoda Superb Fail Moose Test

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Video: 2019 Skoda Superb Moose Test | How well it performed? 2023, January

The Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld conducted a new series of moose tests, which two models did not pass at once. Problems with a sharp detour of the obstacle arose in the hybrid station wagons Volkswagen Passat GTE and SkodSuperb iV.

Skod station wagon with a hybrid power plant of 218 hp at the beginning of the exercise I encountered drift, and at the end - with a skid. At a speed of 72 km / h, the car was unable to return to the finish corridor. Superb drove 68 km / h without any mistakes, but not on the first try.

  • The technically identical Volkswagen Passat GTE performed similarly. It passed the test at 68 km / h, but at 70 km / h it began to knock down cones, although it did not come to a departure from the road, as in the case of the Skoda. According to experts, the cars failed the test due to an unsuccessful tuning of the stabilization system.
  • According to Teknikens Värld's methodology, cars with a permissible full load must avoid a sudden obstacle without notice and return to the lane at a speed of at least 72 km / h. For comparison, the Mercedes-Benz C-class and Peugeot 508 station wagons, which are similar in size, coped with the moose test at speeds of 74 and 78 km / h, respectively.

In 2019, the Swedish publication found out that the ToyotRAV4 hybrid crossover at a speed of over 70 km / h suddenly breaks into a skid, leaves the designated area and stands on two wheels. Later, Toyot improved the vehicle's stabilization system.

In Russia, Volkswagen Passat and SkodSuperb are offered only with petrol turbo engines - 1.4 with a capacity of 150 hp. and a 190-horsepower two-liter. Passat with "mechanics" is available in a four-door body at a price of 1,829,000 rubles. Litfback Superb with a "robot" costs at least 1,980,000 rubles, a station wagon - 2,240,000 rubles.

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