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Moscow Region Dealers Were Allowed To Sell Cars

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Moscow Region Dealers Were Allowed To Sell Cars
Moscow Region Dealers Were Allowed To Sell Cars

Video: Moscow Region Dealers Were Allowed To Sell Cars

Video: Moscow Region Dealers Were Allowed To Sell Cars
Video: Наркотики и борьба с ними в современной России / Редакция 2023, June

On May 25, car dealerships that sell cars and motorcycles are opening in the Moscow region. True, only those dealers who are located outside the administrative border of Moscow will resume work: inside the city limits, the salons remain closed for the time being.

According to the order of the government of the Moscow region, car dealerships near Moscow must comply with a number of regulations aimed at reducing the risk of coronavirus disease. We will tell you how dealerships will work now.

For visitors

  • in the showroom, customers must maintain a distance of 1.5 meters - for this, special markings will be applied. With a large crowd of people, you will have to wait for your turn on the street, also with respect to the distance;
  • the number of visitors is limited by the area of the auto center - there must be at least 10 square meters per person. There can be no more than 100 people in the salon at the same time (including employees);
  • visitors must use personal protective equipment - masks and gloves. If there is no one of your own, the employees of the auto center will give them out
  • disinfectants for hands - antiseptics or disinfectant wipes will be placed at the entrance to the car dealership and near the cash register;

  • test drives are still under the ban - test drives. The cafes will also be closed.

For car dealership employees

  • before entering the car dealership and in the showroom, it is necessary to place reminders with safety standards and quarantine measures;
  • Before the start of the working day, all employees of the company should have their body temperature measured. If there are signs of illness, the employee should be suspended;
  • every worker should be provided with a mask and hand sanitizer or other hand sanitizer in the workplace. Masks should be changed at least once every three hours, and hands should be treated at least every two hours;
  • contacts between employees of different departments are minimized if there is no production need for it. The same applies to visits to the offices of other units;
  • workers who have returned from countries where new cases of coronavirus have been reported must be at home for 2 weeks in self-isolation;
  • you need to communicate with the client through special shields - usually these are protective screens made of, for example, transparent plexiglass or glass;
  • in the showroom, special lamps are installed - bactericidal irradiators that disinfect the air;
  • every 2 hours it is necessary to treat contact surfaces with an antiseptic - a keyboard, a cash register, door handles, a terminal for bank cards, switches, and so on. Wet cleaning of premises is prescribed to be performed using antiseptic agents;
  • you also need to ventilate the premises every two hours and exclude the operation of air conditioners;
  • the auto center must have at least a five-day supply of detergents and disinfectants and personal protective equipment - masks, respirators, gloves;

  • It was recommended to limit business trips of employees, as well as transfer to remote work (or remove) employees from the risk group - people over 65 years old, pregnant women, as well as employees with chronic diseases or with reduced immunity.

In addition, staff members should be appointed to ensure that prescriptions are followed. The dealer will report daily to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region on the measures taken. At least 10% of company employees are required to be tested for coronavirus.

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