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Avto.ru Will Tell You About The Benefits Of The Car You Sell

Avto.ru Will Tell You About The Benefits Of The Car You Sell
Avto.ru Will Tell You About The Benefits Of The Car You Sell

Video: Avto.ru Will Tell You About The Benefits Of The Car You Sell

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Many dealers automatically upload data from the vehicle warehouse to Auto.ru. Sellers often do not have enough time to understand the features and describe the advantages of each machine for sale, which is why users see a boilerplate and not very informative description. We decided to help sellers and buyers at the same time and came up with badges - special marks that appear in an ad if a car meets certain conditions.

Most of the badges are assigned automatically - based on the VIN check by the Car History service, price analytics or information directly from the car manufacturer. It will be easier to sell good cars with the help of badges - we will tell you what marks we put and by what criteria.

  • "Good price" and "Great price"… The first badge will be for cars at the mid-market price. If the listing price is slightly below average, it will have a Great Price badge. For dealer ads, the average market price is calculated based on ads from other car dealerships of the same brand and model in the region of placement. If the price is too high or too low, the badge will not appear. The labels "Good price" and "Great price" are visible already in the listing - this makes the ads more attractive to users. We do not put up a badge if we are not sure about the estimate: this can happen if the car is too old, cheap or it has too much mileage.

  • "On guarantee"… If the car is still under warranty, the badge will indicate until what date it is valid. This information will have to be specified when manually creating an ad, or passed in the feed when uploading ads if you use auto-upload. For the buyer, the guarantee can become a weighty argument when choosing a car.

  • "No accidents found" and "One owner"… Compliance with these parameters is checked by the VIN-code of the car using the "Car History" service. Do not forget to inform the buyer about this in the description!

  • "Great model"… Such a badge appears for cars with a rating of Auto.ru users of at least 4.5 points.

  • "Verified car"… This is how offers that have been tested under manufacturer certification programs such as BMW Premium Selection are recognized. We receive this information directly from the car manufacturer, the badge is assigned automatically.

  • "Slowly losing value"… The badge appears on cars that get cheaper by no more than 5% per year. Such a car can be a profitable purchase.

  • "Almost like new"… Badge for cars no older than three years old, with declared mileage no higher than average and no accidents in history.

This is what an ad with multiple badges looks like

In ads from private sellers, you can find the mark "For sale by owner"… Such a badge appears if the owner wrote to the chat with support and sent photos or scans of documents. Such a badge will come in handy for a dealer when buying a car - this is how you can find ads from real owners.

All badges appear in ads automatically and is free… If for some reason there is no mark, and the car fits the conditions, contact your manager or write to us at [email protected]

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