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Unknown Ken Block: Five Facts About The Racer Who Conquered YouTube

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Unknown Ken Block: Five Facts About The Racer Who Conquered YouTube
Unknown Ken Block: Five Facts About The Racer Who Conquered YouTube
Video: Unknown Ken Block: Five Facts About The Racer Who Conquered YouTube
Video: Ken Block Reveals New 1,100hp Trophy Truck w/ Lil Jon at a Massive Beach Party in Mexico 2023, February

He did not become a Formula 1 or WRC champion, did not take part in the creation of cars that received cult status - he just builds crazy cars, drives them like a madman, and then shows how it was on YouTube. Ken Block is not only an entertaining character, but also an extraordinary one. Here are five facts about him that you might have overlooked

Ken - 52 years old

Yes. And in November 2020, Ken Block will turn 53. At the same time, he began his racing career only in 2005, that is, at the age of 38. Many professional athletes by this time say goodbye to great sport, and Block has just begun and at the end of the debut season of the Rally Americ championship received the title of "Rookie of the Year".

Ken Block was a draftsman

At some point in his life, Ken Block drew blueprints. He admitted that he loved architecture as an art form, but hated it as a business, since in this area either a lot of money or many years is needed to achieve recognition and success. So Ken dropped the drawing board, compasses and drawing pen for extreme sports.

Founded DC Shoes with the brother of a famous skateboarder

It is a well-known fact that Block is a co-founder of DC Shoes. Much less often they say that Ken's partner was Damon Way - the brother of the famous skateboarder Danny Way. The latter became famous, for example, by jumping over the Great Wall of China on a skateboard. By the way, Damon worked at DC for four more years after Quiksilver bought the rights to the brand. However, Ken did not finally break off relations with DC: the racer and the company regularly release joint collections.

A stunt in one of Gimhan Ken's was inspired by a BMW M4 ad

In the ninth part of Gimkhana, there is a moment when Ken's Focus slides along the pier and drives along its edge. Block himself said that he decided to do this after advertising a BMW M4, in which the German coupe piled on the aircraft carrier and also drove as close to the edge of the deck as possible. In an interview with Top Gear, Ken admitted that he was angry that people believed that everything in the BMW ad was done for real, although, in his belief, the ad was drawn on a computer. That is why he decided to do the trick in real life. And he did it!

Ken was supposed to test a Formula 1 car, but didn't fit into it

In 2011, Ken Block was going to test Formula 1. The rider had to get behind the wheel of the 2009 Toyota, which Pirelli used to test the tires. However, the races had to be canceled because the Block was too large. With a height of 188 centimeters, he simply did not fit in a car made for Timo Glock and Jarno Trulli.

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