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"Loaf" By Subscription, Chinese Brabus And Other News Of The Day

"Loaf" By Subscription, Chinese Brabus And Other News Of The Day
"Loaf" By Subscription, Chinese Brabus And Other News Of The Day

Video: "Loaf" By Subscription, Chinese Brabus And Other News Of The Day

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Video: Bread processing Factory- Automated production line with high technology machines 2023, January

Subscription to UAZ cars, tuning for the Chinese crossover from the Brabus studio, names of new Lada models and more: the most important events of Thursday, May 7, 2020.

Sollers, which manufactures UAZ and Ford commercial vehicles, has launched a car subscription service. So far, it is available only to corporate clients who can subscribe to Patriot and Loaf.

The legendary German studio Brabus has developed for the first time a tuning package for the Chinese crossover - coupe-like Wey VV7 GT. So far, only an impressive body kit has been created.

AvtoVAZ has patented three new names for possible future models - Forta, Kayn and Tensa. At the same time, the domestic automaker already has a whole collection of unused but patented names.

Skod has revealed many technical details about the first electric crossover to be called the Enyaq iV. The basic version of the model will be rear-wheel drive, but a "charged" RS-version with four drive wheels has also been prepared for the electric car.

A five-year-old boy stole his parents' car to go and buy a Lamborghini. They decided not to punish him, and the family was bombarded with offers to ride the guy in a real supercar.

The city authorities have published a list of brands whose owners most often violate the access control in the city. Most of all fines were received by Muscovites on Hyundai and Kia.

90-year-old grandmother Rina got behind the wheel of a car for the first time in her life, and she was immediately given a powerful convertible. And she did well!

Cross-versions are very convenient when you need a car for bad roads, but you don't want to buy a regular crossover. But cross-variants are rare. We thought "What the hell ?!" and presented how some models with increased ground clearance and protective plastic in a circle might look like.

We continue to publish your most interesting and exciting stories. Recently, we asked you to share stories about DIY repairs, and among them there were some very exciting options.

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