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19 Kids Stole Million Dollar Cars

19 Kids Stole Million Dollar Cars
19 Kids Stole Million Dollar Cars

Video: 19 Kids Stole Million Dollar Cars

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Video: DreamWorks Madagascar | $19,000,000 Vehicle! - Funny Scene | Penguins of Madagascar | Kids Movies 2023, January

In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, a gang of 19 children and teenagers between the ages of nine and sixteen robbed 12 local car dealerships, stealing cars totaling USD 1,138,718… Reported by CNN.

  • The crimes began on March 17. The gang committed 18 break-in dealerships. Thus, some car dealerships were robbed twice. A total of 46 cars were stolen, but only six of them have not been found so far.
  • None of the 19 criminal suspects have yet been caught. At the same time, the police detained 19-year-old Mikel Binns, who is suspected of involvement in the hijackings. It was from him that one of the stolen cars was found. He was also charged with resisting arrest.

In the summer of 2019, an eight-year-old German stole his mother's car twice in one week. The first time he accelerated to 140 kilometers per hour, but in the end he himself stopped on the sidelines, because, according to him, he was uncomfortable driving at such a speed. The second time the boy was able to gain 180 km / h, but got into an accident, in which only the car was damaged - the young hijacker remained intact.

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