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Putin Instructed To Start Remote Sale Of Cars

Putin Instructed To Start Remote Sale Of Cars
Putin Instructed To Start Remote Sale Of Cars

Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting dedicated to supporting the automotive industry, instructed the government to start developing documents that will help car companies sell cars remotely. Reported by RIA ".

  • Several automakers have already started selling cars online. For example, AvtoVAZ has opened a special section on its website, which contains information about all the Ladas that are at official dealers. After payment, a new car must be picked up at a car dealership or ordered to be delivered to your home by a tow truck.
  • According to TASS, Putin ordered to allocate an additional 15.5 billion rubles for preferential car loan programs for the purchase of new cars assembled in Russia and for preferential car leasing, including for car sharing.
  • All measures are aimed at supporting the automotive industry in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the president, an increase in state purchases will also help: in 2020, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rosgvardia, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other departments will additionally receive about 25 thousand new cars.

Since March 30, a non-working day has been in effect in the country, due to which dealerships have closed. Some of them switched to a remote mode of work: they book cars, and they postpone the paperwork and issue of the car until the restrictions are lifted.

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