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Opel Mokka Will Become An Electric Car

Opel Mokka Will Become An Electric Car
Opel Mokka Will Become An Electric Car

Video: Opel Mokka Will Become An Electric Car

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Video: Vauxhall Mokka e - is 2021 the year for electric cars like this? | 100% Independent,100% Electric 2023, February

Opel has shown the first teaser of the next generation Mokk crossover. The model will be equipped not only with gasoline and diesel engines, but also with an all-electric power plant.

  • Judging by the teaser, with the change of generation, the Opel Mokk will receive shortened overhangs and a profile in the style of the Corsa hatchback. When restyled in 2016, the model was renamed MokkX, but now the letter "X" will be dropped at the end.
  • According to Autocar, Mokka will be built on a modular platform CMP (Common Modular Platform), and the closest "relatives" will be the Opel Cors and the Peugeot 2008 crossover. They already have an electric version with a 136-horsepower engine and a 50 kWh battery. The Corsa-e travels 340 kilometers on a single charge, and the e-2008 - 310 kilometers.
  • Serial production of all modifications of the Opel Mokka, including electric, will begin in the fourth quarter of 2020. The European start of sales is scheduled for early 2021.

The Opel brand returned to Russia at the end of 2019 and sells the Grandland X crossover (from RUB 1,949,000) and the ZafirLife minibus (from RUB 2,599,900) in our market, and sales of the Vivaro van (from 1,949,000 ₽). Six Opel models will be presented on the Russian market by the end of the year.

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