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The First Penalty: User Stories Avto.ru

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The First Penalty: User Stories Avto.ru
The First Penalty: User Stories Avto.ru

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Sooner or later it happens. Something goes wrong, and you get a scolding from the traffic police: a warning, a fine or something more serious. As a rule, that same ill-fated first punishment remains in the memory. What was it like and how exactly did you get it? We asked Auto.ru users, and they shared their stories. We publish the best.

We try to preserve the author's texts, making only the most necessary edits to them.

For the rights - by car

The first fine and sending the car to the arrest site was received when I arrived at the ToyotCrown in the traffic police to take an exam for a / u. And he didn’t. On the way back, they picked it up).

The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru
The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru


The first penalty was for speeding on KiRio 2010. I was late for the test, the limit was 60, and I was driving 112.

Hello camera

This was my third car from the period 12-15, 1985 "five", given by my parents, tk. bought a new one. Not a single fine on it. Then the uncle gave the 1987 Golf 2. He said, fix it and ride on your health. I didn’t make a single fine, and then Day X came. I bought an Astra H coupe in 1915 (which I still use), and once in Staraya Kupavna, knowing about the camera, I moved from Moscow to left lane, observing the speed limit. And suddenly someone blinked, so that I gave in, I had to immerse myself, forgetting about the camera, in the end - 80 km / h is permissible, drove 82 … It's a shame, annoying, but okay.

catch me

On the second day of owning a driver's license, I was driving through the checkpoint and pretended not to notice how the employee waved his hand with a slight wave of his hand in my direction. A chase ensued, where we "rushed" 200 meters at a speed of 20 km / h under the exclamations of "silver 99, pull yourself to the side of the road." As a result - a fine for the absence of mud flaps.

The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru
The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru


I won't say the year, but I think it's 95th. Under the sign "40" he piled 52 km / h. It was on the track, downhill and there was not enough experience. The second fine is already in the city, around 2000. They put in order an old friend's "Lancia" and decided to check the dynamics in comparison with my "nine". The inspector was unwavering, although Lanci went faster. That is, the speed on the radar was not mine … The extreme fine was 250 rubles. For crossing the street under red:) Yes, there are such drivers with such fines. For the entire driving experience (more than 27 years) there were about six fines … Including that transition under the red one.

Out on the road

I was fined for walking on the road. There was (maybe there is) a street in the town of Goryachy Klyuch, where the carriageway adjoins directly to the fence of private houses, and, leaving the gate, you are already on the carriageway. And there were often gaytsy there:)


In my father's car, I decided to drive under a brick in order to turn around (because I was afraid to back out onto the roadway). A valiant employee almost jumped onto the hood (they were waiting for me in a muffled wheelbarrow), forced to drive further under the brick (more than 30 meters). As a result, they deprived of their rights and twisted the papulin's "thieves' numbers", because the TO was from another car. I remembered it for the rest of my life.

Another "brick"

My first fine was driving under a brick in 2011. I decided to turn into a stall for pies without noticing the sign! I got a normal guy, wrote me a fine that I didn’t miss my grandmother at the crosswalk, I realized that I was a newbie in the world of driving!) Thanks to him, there are understanding people in all professions!

Not there

In my time, there were points. At the entrance to Vasilievsky Spusk there was a traffic policeman's glass. I went against the grain, although I knew that I was breaking. He slapped me at once 5, but it was possible to dial a maximum of 15 in a year. Thank God, it did.

The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru
The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru

Not from here

I drove under 3.2 "No traffic", flew to the tourist area, did not see the sign. I saw the crew was standing. Well, I think, okay - worth it and worth it. Op - they slow down: I am such and such, did you see the sign? I answer: no, what is the sign? "Movement Prohibition". I say no, I really didn’t see it. Well, give me the documents. I'm getting out of the car, inspector: you're not a local! I say no, I live here recently. He: well, why are you so, you need to be more careful.I answer, but I just haven't got used to it yet, I don't really know the roads. He let go with a smile with a warning, did not fine, he says, be careful) And there are people among them.

Race with riot police

I don’t remember exactly, 96th year. But then there were five times more gayts on the roads than under the crown. All sorts of special operations in life because of Chechnya and bandits. The riot police were constantly on the roads. Well, the very first thing is, when I was not yet right, I ended up in a monkey house for stealing a "loaf". This is what a liter of moonshine does with youngsters. While the wires were connected, the fuses were burned out) Well, the riot police at night and grabbed us without a neighbor. The chase was short-lived, it turns out that we were drowning on a low one. Then scattered, but accepted … Yes, we ourselves &! @% (Frightened) when we heard the locks of the Kalash. Three days later, they let me go home as a youngster for the first time. The owners of the "loaf" have forgiven us.

The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru
The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru

Turn on the light

My first fine was for driving with dimensions, I don't remember the size, probably 100 rubles. It was long before the introduction of the obligation to turn on the dipped headlights, and the auto industry did not even think about DRL then.

Turn off the lights

On the first day with a license, 2 fines: the first - for lack of technical inspection, and the second - for driving in a city with a high beam (Directly to the traffic police.

Rights? What are the rights?

He received his first fine at the age of 16 for driving a vehicle without a driver's license. I received the rights only a year later. And away we go, I haven't seen them at all for three years, they were lying in the traffic police. In those days, for violations of the law, they took away and issued a temporary permit. It was with this permission that I drove.

And further…

It was the summer of 1991. On a brand new VAZ-21063, bought, as it often happened at that time, I shared with my parents, after one of the kindred gatherings we went for a drive. In the rights category "C", but for the sake of a solemn occasion could not sit without a wheel, sat down and went. On the Ilyinskoye highway in the Golyovo area, we are stopped by a traffic police outfit. And the souls were caught. After moralizing, promises not to do this anymore, and some bribes were released in peace, and even escorted through their channels to the house (so that no one else bothers). In conclusion, I will say that such traffic policemen have not died out even in our time. Not a nail, not a rod! And good luck on the road.

The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru
The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru

And again…

The first time I was fined when I was driving a 1995 Opel Omeg (a bucket still) without a license. Well, then think for yourself how much they took from me)

Belt? What belt?

For an unfastened belt, and he was fastened. Just $% d DPSnik. I wrote a complaint to his department. The fine was not removed with the wording: there is no reason not to trust the traffic police officer.

Belts that are not

There was an old Daewoo Espero, and for some reason the rear seat belts were cut off at the root, apparently after an accident (I did not immediately pay attention when buying). In short, they were fined every other time when they asked to open the back door. Sometimes, however, they asked - like what, belts are not provided by the manufacturer? And let go)

The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru
The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru

Two hardships in a row

Three days after obtaining the license, we went with a friend and beer on a motorcycle to the pit (reservoir) to wash. 12 months of deprivation. After 9 months, I went to the traffic police (by car) to write a petition, they say, I got a job, I needed a license, parked under the window of the chief. Another 12 months of deprivation.

Expensive parking

For almost four years now, there has been one fine of 5000 rubles for parking. I went to Moscow, parked in a paid parking lot, tried to pay through the application - it doesn't work, some kind of failure. I paid through the navigator - the money was returned. Well, I guess maybe parking is free today. Then he moved to another one, where the payment also failed through the application. And so they took a picture of me on the second one. It's a shame, since I always pay for it and hardly break it.

Violation of choice

I remember that we were driving with friends, 6 people in the "Volga", they dropped one and after 20 meters a traffic cop jumps out of the bushes as if from a joke. As a result, he says: choose - either for the advantage, or for the belt. I answer him: pull the scales, we will weigh ourselves, and I have 4 witnesses on my belt that he was fastened … Then the asshole asks sharply: "What is this marking?" I turn my head, there "Parking is prohibited", and he also sharply to me: "Stopping is prohibited!" and begins to write a fine for 100 rubles. I even felt sorry for him, although he was driving for the 3rd month)

The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru
The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru

How are we going to decide?

It was like the 12th year, I was driving to work. At the exit from the crossing st. Fryazevo (which is near the town of Elektrostal), at the exit to Nosovikha there is a stop line, and I STOPPED, after which I continued to move. And behind the fork stood the famous tweezers from the 5th battalion. It was they who slowed me down.After that there was a long dialogue on the topic that I was not wearing a seat belt even without light, and I passed the stop line. They tried to breed as best they could. Almost directly begging for an extra patch. But I said there was no money. There was no violation. They conferred, then they invited me to the car, they did the brain for half an hour (I told them, they say, I'm in a hurry, I have to go to work). Then a truck flew by (not really slowing down), one kolobok left at the pace of a waltz, the second, in anticipation of profit from long-range combat, nevertheless wrote me a stop line and with the words "Are you taking or will we continue to look for violations ?!" held out a piece of paper. Naturally, in order not to lose what was already lost, I signed up for the stop line (then it was 500 re) and went. Approaching the car, I noticed that the wheel was flat, but there was no pump. These, too, like, no. He waited for them to milk the "furist" and took the pump from him. Pumped up and drove off.

Pit stop

95th year, grandfather's Moskvich-2140, weakly held the handbrake. He just stopped the squad (not the traffic police, then any policeman had the right to do so) in an alley. Inspection on the road with the help of a boot and some kind of mother was also common at that time. We checked the handbrake by putting it on the third click and pushing it with the shoulder … Small advance of the car forward was enough. Pay! A small bribe, that's all. A normal fine with a selection of rights, a parsing group, a receipt for payment, and indeed received for the case 10 years later.

The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru
The first penalty: user stories Avto.ru

"Neutral" and nerves

On the street the 14th year. Suzuki Vitar2.0 v6.1995 onwards There are no bumpers, numbers under the windows, gears are switched on every other time. Been driving for a couple of months (maybe less). Crossroads: on the left, on the side of the road, there are two crews, on the dividing line - the fierce Captain. There are two cars in front of me, then a traffic light. The red light is on, I drive closer, drop to neutral, roll. Suddenly, green lights up - IRS, the transmission does not stick, the captain is on me - I'm on the captain! - sii - the car slowly rolls out to the intersection, sii - I frantically stir the transmission with a stick, trying in vain to find the coveted position - sii! - finally, the necessary gear is inserted, peregazovka, the old v6 roars treacherously right in front of the inspector, and I, completely frightened, pass the intersection. After a kilometer, of course, an inspector with flashing lights caught up with me, in a Mercedes C350 with a white leather interior (I remembered it for the rest of my life), the same Captain caught up with me. They blew me, wrote out the MAXIMUM fine for numbers in the wrong place, sii - took my license! But this was my first inspector). Then I went for the license from the Moscow region to Moscow to the analysis group. Then I learned that these were punitive measures in connection with a terrible accident in Moscow the day before. All the traffic police bent, and they, in turn, bent me, just coincided) Needless to say, then I was an example of behavior behind the wheel?

"Fast and the Furious" 14+

I received my first fine at the age of 14. Dad thundered to the stage, I took his keys, started the wheelbarrow and rode well around the district. And so the weeks went by, then I decided to push the boundaries a little and went to a neighboring area on business) The courtyard into which I had to turn was across the roundabout. But this is for people who have a lot of time, and therefore I turned through 2 solid lines, and there were immediately inspectors. In general, they slow down, and I put the gas on the floor, they follow me. I began to guess that I would not go far in the courtyards, but I did not want to try in a straight line. In general, I stopped. I said that I had no rights, I was not old enough, the situation was shit, no one would take a car from the parking lot so easily now. And, as in the Russian film, he offered to pay the fine on the spot, fortunately, that day there was money, I rented out an apartment in which we did not live. Well, according to the script of that Russian film, he put a fine in the notch between the handbrake. He assured me that I would not go (this turned out to be untrue). And I received a legal fine trivial, already with a license, for a belt. Officially, he has been driving for 9 years. I was not in an accident due to my own fault. And in general, since that time I have pulled myself together)

Who is the last in the traffic police?

My first fine was on a motorcycle in 2012. I was turning into the yard at low speed (the bike was tilted), and then out of nowhere was a family with a stroller in which there was a child.I got into the brakes and dodged, luckily I didn't hook anyone. The family went to the traffic police post, I got ahead of them and told them what and how it was. They wrote a fine of 100 rubles for a pedestrian. Coming out, on the stairs he "collided" with the angry head of the family, showed the protocol, apologized and left.

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