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Rushing To The Rescue: How Auto Brands Take Care Of Customers In Russia In Conditions Of A Pandemic

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Rushing To The Rescue: How Auto Brands Take Care Of Customers In  Russia In  Conditions Of A Pandemic
Rushing To The Rescue: How Auto Brands Take Care Of Customers In Russia In Conditions Of A Pandemic

Video: Rushing To The Rescue: How Auto Brands Take Care Of Customers In Russia In Conditions Of A Pandemic

Video: Rushing To The Rescue: How Auto Brands Take Care Of Customers In  Russia In  Conditions Of A Pandemic
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Rushing to the Rescue: How Auto Brands Take Care of Customers in Russia in a Pandemic

The entire April in Russia was officially declared non-working, and most organizations were forcibly closed. The restrictions also affected the work of dealerships and service stations, and in many regions residents are allowed to leave their homes only to go to the pharmacy or to the store, but not to visit the next maintenance. In the best case, you will not be able to service the car on time, in the worst case, you run the risk of facing the problem of making the next loan payment. We will tell you how, in the current circumstances, automakers are trying to help their customers.


Chery owners will not lose their warranty if they miss the scheduled maintenance, which fell for the period from March 28 to April 30. However, the warranty will expire if the cars do not undergo maintenance in May (if, of course, in May we are allowed to go to the MOT).

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Like Chery, Geely has extended the scheduled maintenance period without terminating the warranty. The maximum allowable over-mileage between maintenance has increased from 1,000 to 1,500 kilometers, and the time interval has increased to three months (whichever comes first).

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Hyundai brand together with Cetelle Bank canceled commissions on credit payments when using Sberbank-Online or the form on the bank's website for payment using MIR, Vis and Mastercard cards. In addition, the Korean company has launched a global C R E program, which also affects Russia. Within its framework, until May 31, warranty obligations for cars, the warranty for which expired from March 30 to April 30, are extended.

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Ki provided customers with a deferral from going through the next maintenance while maintaining the guarantee. However, you can use it only if the nearest dealership is closed and it is impossible to carry out a technical inspection. And also if the client is undergoing treatment for coronavirus infection. The postponement only applies to routine maintenance after the official time interval. It is impossible to postpone maintenance after reaching a certain mileage.

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As part of LadFinance, Cetelem Bank, which participates in the program, canceled the commission for payments through Sberbank Online and through the bank's website using MIR, Vis and MasterCard cards. The program is valid until April 30, and the automaker recommends making sure that there is no commission at the time of the transaction.

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Land rover

Owners of British crossovers and SUVs do not have to worry about the overrun between MOTs within 2,000 kilometers or due to being late for inspection for up to two months - the guarantee in these cases will not be lost. If the vehicle warranty expires between April 1st and May 31st, it will be extended. The new deadline is shifted two months in advance - from June 1 to July 31.

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Mazd has increased the over-mileage and warranty period for cars by one month.

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Owners of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles Mercedes-Benz have also increased the period of maintenance and re-mileage: until June 30, or by 6,000 kilometers. Warranty obligations have also been extended for three months. However, in this case we are talking about cars with a mileage of no more than 60,000 kilometers.

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The Japanese automaker did not extend the warranty, but allowed customers to re-mileage between routine maintenance. At the same time, Subaru noted that it is better not to allow large overruns, since "the properties of operating fluids and oils have a limited resource."

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The owners of Suzuki cars were offered to postpone the maintenance until the end of the self-isolation regime. What excess mileage is acceptable, the company did not specify. The automaker promises that all warranty repair obligations will be fulfilled after the end of the non-working days, but the dealer must be warned about the need for such repairs in advance.

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Toyota / Lexus

The Japanese automaker allowed the postponement of routine maintenance: it can be done after April 30, while maintaining the warranty. The action of the "Roadside Assistance" program has also been extended. If it expires in April, it will be automatically extended until May 15th. Toyota Bank canceled the commission for repaying loans through a mobile application (for payments not exceeding 75,000 rubles), as well as fines and penalties for late April payments - but with the condition that they will be paid on the first working day after the end of the self-isolation regime.

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The German automaker has expanded its signature roadside assistance program. If the car breaks down and it cannot be repaired on the spot, then the car will first be delivered to a place convenient for the owner, and after the opening of dealerships it will be brought to the service for repair free of charge.

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The Swedish automaker has suspended charging for subscription cars for the period from April 3 to May 3. The warranty period has also been extended: if the machine warranty ends before May 30, then the factory malfunction can be eliminated by June 30. Also, Volvo allowed a re-mileage between routine maintenance with the preservation of the warranty - for 1250 kilometers.

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Didn't find your car brand in this list? Contact the dealer - he is most likely in touch! The company may not have publicly announced its customer support measures yet.