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The First Online Conference Avto.ru: How It Went

The First Online Conference Avto.ru: How It Went
The First Online Conference Avto.ru: How It Went

Video: The First Online Conference Avto.ru: How It Went

Video: The First Online Conference Avto.ru: How It Went
Video: Как устроена IT-столица мира / Russian Silicon Valley (English subs) 2023, December

At the end of March, the Auto.ru team held the first conference for dealers and representatives of the auto business in online format … Seven speakers gave reports and case studies, and the broadcast was watched by almost two thousand people! Here's a short summary of what the experts talked about.

Irina Afanasyeva, the head of the team for work with Avto.ru agencies, said that the effectiveness of the classified for a dealer can be divided into two components: the work of the classified itself (attracting traffic, convenient tools and interface, advertising, and so on), as well as the work of the dealer with its announcements. Irina considered the creation of high-quality content in the publication and work with an ad in the process of its "life", updates in the dealer's personal account, which help to visually assess the effectiveness of placement, as well as new conditions for the loyalty program.

Natalia Litvinova, Director of the Advertising and Marketing Department of U Service + Group of Companies, spoke about the tools to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. These include dealership performance analytics and market research. Natalia also told what industrial analysis and advertiser rating are and how to use this analysis correctly, and also shared the secrets of optimizing advertising campaigns in "context", in SMM, SEO and classifieds.

Victoria Zapara, the head of the team for work with key partners of Yandex, and Elizaveta Newspapers, Yandex Key Account Manager, summed up the results of 2019 and analyzed trends in the auto industry. They talked about the capabilities of Yandex services that are useful for dealerships, as well as how various tools help to expand the audience, improve performance and increase brand confidence.

Since the conference was originally supposed to be held in a traditional format in Krasnodar, the leading analyst of Avto.ru Alexey Mukhanov In his speech, he detailed the state of the vehicle fleet in the Southern Federal District: he announced the volumes of sales of new and used cars, named popular segments and the price range, which accounts for the greatest demand. He showed the geography of buyers and sellers in the Southern Federal District, as well as data on the loyalty of local motorists to different brands.

Valery Paschenko, Executive Director of CoMagic, shared a joint case with the AutoSpecCentre Group - about how the company in just two months was able to increase the number of calls to the dealer by 4.5 times with a minimal increase in the cost of a lead. To do this, CoMagic specialists divided the task into five stages, including the tasks of expanding audience coverage, reallocating the marketing budget between advertising channels and integrating additional tools for lead analytics.

Maxim Solodovnik, Regional Head of Fresh Auto in Krasnodar, spoke about the commission car warehouse as an additional channel for finding good used cars, shared his vision of why dealers are reluctant to work with a "commission", and also highlighted 5 main mistakes that dealers make, and explained how to fix them.

Sergey Vishnevsky, Managing Director of Yug-Auto Expert Group of Companies, discussed the issues of efficient waste management. According to him, an important task for any dealer is to structure the warehouse according to the categories of “vehicle condition” and “price range”. Sergey told how this problem is solved in "Yug-Auto Expert", and shared a simple tool that helps to work with each category of cars.