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The First Scratch: User Stories Avto.ru

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The First Scratch: User Stories Avto.ru
The First Scratch: User Stories Avto.ru

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The first scratch and chip remain not only on the car, but also in the heart of its owner. We recently asked where and when your car got its first "scar". The best stories - with tears, bumpers and ladders - are published here and now.

Have you read and remembered your first "kotska"? Write a few words in the comment.


My first car was a GAZ-52-04 in the VAPO garage. The first scratch was received by my "Lawn" as a result of a collision with a car in our own garage, an ambulance RAFik 2203. He caught up with me at a bend inside the factory and tore off the rear cross-beam of the body.


When I bought the car, there were a few minor scratches. As usual, the car was parked in the yard, not in cramped conditions - and then the apartment renovation team arrived. When they removed the duralumin ladder from the roof, from the trunk of their car, they walked the corner of the ladder over the hood of my car: a strip of half a meter, and the paint was cut to metal. They apologized, paid for everything.

Someone in the parking lot

I bought a "ten", drove to the house to the "parking lot", which is designed for 4 cars. It was during the day, everything was at work, the "parking lot" was empty. I went home to have a bite to eat and show off my purchase. After 15 minutes I leave, and I have deep dents on the 2 right doors. Then I lost heart.

The first scratch: user stories Avto.ru
The first scratch: user stories Avto.ru

Someone else in the parking lot

Everything is trite - in the parking lot (across the street from the traffic police). I'm sitting at the opera (friend), the signal went off. Disconnected. After about 20 minutes we leave, a friend says: why did you get a scratch on the car, when I managed to hook it (I bought the car a week ago, from him)? I am at a loss, and here comes the realization of the reason for the triggered alarm. I remembered that there was a "dvenashka" nearby - she scratched it. We watched from the cameras, but the angle did not reach, we could not find it. This was my first car - Mazd626, and the first scratch! To say that I was worried is to say nothing. I was in mourning for a month until it was painted over in the service.

Oncoming car

I don’t remember the first scratch, but I’ll tell you about the most offensive one … At night, in rainy weather, I returned to the capital. The road is normal, one lane in each direction. A truck was in front of me. Of course, because of the weather, the windshield was thrown only on the way. Well, another wagon was walking towards it, behind which a similar comrade was attached. I gave to the left to at least see something, he did the same. But I was driving in my lane, and he got out with his left wheels on the markings. A moment later, our side mirrors met. I stopped, and the asshole, realizing that it was his fault, drove off without stopping. That's how I became the proud owner of a dent and a couple of scratches on the back door from a flying mirror ((

Fun and Gazelle

I bought the E21 coupe in 2001. Learned to ride. Well, then we celebrated, went for a drive and vpendyuril Gazelle on Ladozhskaya) I started on a hard one.

In the garage: the gate is closed

The first scratch is like the first sex: never forgotten. But the rest is hard to even remember… The first time I didn't just scratch the car - I split the rear bumper! I was in a hurry and forgot to open the second gate in the garage. Well, and began to go backwards until it crunched. Then there was a slight accident in the "face", then - another one of the same, still got in the ass, too, not much … And all this in one car! I don't even want to write about the numerous chips and scratches left by stones from oncoming and passing trucks … I owned a 1996 Toyota Vista.

The first scratch: user stories Avto.ru
The first scratch: user stories Avto.ru

In the garage: the gate is open

I bought a new LadGranta in 2012, fortunately there was no limit: the first new car, ehhh … I drove from a car dealership to my small town. I didn't leave it in the yard, the car was new, you never know what could happen. I drive into the garage; an unexpectedly strong gust of wind rips off the garage door stopper, and I scratch the left rear door with the gate. There was no limit to disappointment: a scratch through the entire door, and in fact a fly had not yet sat on the car. So, on the first day of operation, I ruined the car.Fortunately, the remaining seven years passed without any incident. Except for this scratch, the rest of the body was in perfect condition. Sold the car in 2019.

In the garage: countertop

In 2010, we purchased our first vehicle, the Renault Sandero. They took me out of the car, drove home and drove into the garage. The car was bought for the disposal of "Moskvich" father-in-law, who at that time was working in another city. In general, the car was parked without numbers and we were waiting for the arrival of dad. At that time, I was engaged in the insulation of the house, for this I glued foam plastic to the ceiling of the garage. I put glue on the sheet and leaned it against the ceiling. Then he pressed it with a piece of the tabletop of the same size and burst it with a board. After sticking another sheet, I went to dinner. Sitting at the table, my wife and I heard a terrible rumble. Entering the garage, I saw a countertop lying on the floor and a dent in the hood. It is difficult to describe my feelings at this moment …

Russian drift

In 2007, I received the “shahu” batin. When he became successful, he began to use it as a drift car and damage began to appear. I don’t remember the first scratch, but now there is no suspension, headlights, radiator grill and rear bumper.

The first scratch: user stories Avto.ru
The first scratch: user stories Avto.ru


Everything was nowhere easier: a brand new (and very first) HondAccord Type R + new "turbo" = 230 moose. I overdid it with gas (after 201 elk, of course, out of habit), shurhhhhh - and you got a clawed “Honda” + Renault Duster bumper minus. Strong bumpers were before:))) Then I bought a can of cheap chernukha, painted over. Six months after the ride, everything was shabby to hell and became even worse: ((I had to change my lower lip and bumper. And then, as luck would have it, the "mechanics" region and Peter (yeah, working as a top manager and having an individual entrepreneur is not easy.) A week of life without Akosha and, voila, a new face and working mechanics) Then everything except the mechanics died ((

Handed over backwards

I put the first mark … in the parking lot! I was inexperienced, gave it back and poked my bumper into a parked "six" Zhiguli. Her number was slightly crumpled, and mine was worn on the plastic bumper of the Nine. I thought that since only the number suffered, then I shouldn't worry. And he left.

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