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Read At Home: Auto.ru Videos That Need To (re) Watch In Quarantine

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Read At Home: Auto.ru Videos That Need To (re) Watch In Quarantine
Read At Home: Auto.ru Videos That Need To (re) Watch In Quarantine

Video: Read At Home: Auto.ru Videos That Need To (re) Watch In Quarantine

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Often on Fridays, we publish all sorts of video selections - assuming that it is at the end of the working week that you will want to relax and watch something. We hope that the forced self-isolation did not greatly affect this routine, and weekdays remain weekdays, and weekends remain weekends. Well, at least to some extent. This means that you cannot change traditions

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A week ago, we remembered an interesting car movie, and now let's talk about our own videos - after all, over a year and a half, during which the Auto.ru video division has been working, we have accumulated bright cars, large-scale filming, and simply fascinating stories that no one else does not tell. Let's go chronologically - and, of course, dwelling only on the most interesting.


Ford Mustang vs Dodge Challenger vs Chevrolet Camaro

Boys of all ages, marital status and social status continue to dream of these machines. But officially, we only sell one representative of the great American trinity - the Chevrolet Camaro - and only with an offensive two-liter turbo engine under the hood. We took just such a coupe for testing and compared it with similar versions of the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger, which came to Russia through private channels. As a result, not so much revealing the best as regretting the situation on the Russian market again.


Illiquid Dreams: Interesting Used Cars You Don't Think Of

In the heading "Caution, painted!" we deal with the intricacies of the aftermarket - and, surprisingly, one of the most popular videos was the one dedicated to unpopular cars! Thank you for supporting our logic: a Saab, Volvo, or even a used ToyotPrius can be a really cool buy. Because no one needs to twist the runs, alter the steering wheels and engage in other obscenities in the case of these cars. Or is it not so simple? We arm ourselves with a thickness gauge, a sharp eye - and we tell.


The last and most pretentious "Moskvich"

There is no point in evaluating this car from the point of view of the secondary market - after all, the awkward executive sedan "Ivan Kalita" was released in a tiny edition and has rather a historical and collectible value. We found a perfectly restored copy, which at one time stood in the garage of Yuri Luzhkov, and told how the last years of the Moskvich plant passed, why this glorious enterprise was doomed and how it tried to save itself from imminent death. The second such car, perhaps, and not to find.


Twisted mileage: how it looks on real cars

Let's get back to applied things. The secondary market is a realm of trickery and deception. And even if you've checked your ad in every possible way, there is no better tool than your own eyes and hands, right? But in order to know where to look and what to feel, you need a certain experience - we broadcast it through our video. Four cars that have exactly lower numbers on the odometer than they already had at some point: how to determine the real mileage? What to be afraid of, and what only looks suspicious, but in fact is not scary? Watch the video and get all the answers.


Loaf: such, because it is necessary!

But you can buy a completely new car from the salon - and also be tormented by conjectures: when it decays, what will fall off, how many kilograms of spare parts it consumes for a hundred kilometers … Yes, all this is about the immortal UAZ "Loaf", which is still on sale without noticeable changes in both design and quality. But for some reason they buy it and even love it. We investigated the reasons for this complex, almost inexplicable and purely Russian phenomenon in a warm and lamp (and what else?) Plot.


Renault Avantime: the craziest production car in the world

If in the case of “Loaf” it is possible to understand for a long time how it survived until the XXI century, then Renault Avantime asks another question: how could it even end up on the assembly line and in dealerships? We have to answer again, because the shocked public refused to buy a car. Well, like a car … Minivan-coupe-convertible in one bottle, and not just a car. But with a lot of interesting chips and a rich pedigree, in which even the name of Yuri Gagarin emerges. The name Avantime translates as "ahead of time", and this is true: the time has not come even 20 years after the debut. So welcome to the future.


Comprehensive Iceland Driving Guide

The car is not always the center of attention, but often the way to get to something immensely more beautiful. And eternal. For example, if you find yourself in Iceland, you should not savor the nuances of handling (even if you are in the hands of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS), but the fantastic views outside the window, because they are still incomparably more valuable. How to do it correctly, without running into insane fines and at the same time covering the main beauty, we tell you. And no, not a single Porsche will be in the frame - only the magnificent nature and, sometimes, Subaru crossovers.


Chrysler 300 C: the most powerful car of the fifties

Surprisingly, Iceland is full of classic American cars, albeit from a slightly later era than this dreadnought. And if we are talking about the US auto industry in the late fifties, then giant fins, a lot of chrome, luxury, kitsch and pathos come to mind - but here's the surprise! Even then, a production car with a capacity of 375 horsepower was created, with a maximum speed of over 225 kilometers per hour - and he did not just follow the fashion, but set it. In general, the plot, which we wanted to devote to the atmosphere of the American Baroque, went a little off plan, so we bring to your attention a story about a very important, albeit not the most famous car of those years.


Tatr603, which is ahead of its time for a long time

Just two years before Chrysler, from the previous video in the Czech Republic, this car was presented - with a monocoque body, a lot of original technical solutions and a design that at that time looked absolutely impossible. The Tat brand is familiar to us from the later models that served in the Soviet organs, and from the sturdy, hardy trucks. But it is precisely on the example of 603 that it is interesting to disassemble the dramatic history of the company and mention that without it the world would not know either VW Beetle or, perhaps, even Porsche.


Ford vs. Ferrari: the history of the great confrontation and its legacy

Another excursion into history is connected with the grandiose battle of Ford and Ferrari at Le Mans. We hope you have already watched the relevant film on this topic (if not, welcome to the special film selection), but we decided to take a look at this story in our own way. We visited the participants of historical events in museums, walked along the legendary Sarte ring, and after that they gathered the modern heirs of those very machines and properly burned them on them already in Moscow.


Porsche 911: an all-time classic?

Agree, this title would fit any Porsche model of the last fifty years. But if the Germans do not strive to change something, then why would we? In the newest generation 992, the main sports car of the planet has become faster, more perfect, faster and … cheaper? How the standard can turn out to be not so standard, we tell in all the details: both on ordinary roads and on the race track. Although to say that in the end we did not get into this sports car, it would also be untrue.


Citroen DS: the history of the famous "Goddess"

In the voting for the title of the main car of the 20th century, the Porsche 911 took the fifth place. The Beetle became the fourth, and the first and the second - Ford T and Mini, respectively. Bronze went to Citroen DS - an engineering and design revelation from France, unlike any other car. Alien design, unprecedented hydropneumatic suspension, which will become the hallmark of Citroens for decades, a lot of unusual features and a really huge mark in history. In general, we filmed this video with a certain amount of awe.


New ToyotSupra: Marketing Child or Legendary Heir?

The whole world was waiting for the appearance of this machine. But when that happened after many years of development, the new ToyotSupr did not generate delight, but a flurry of controversial comments. This is understandable, because instead of purely Japanese engineering delights, here BMW drives BMW and BMW. But is it really bad? Did German technology destroy the Supra's authenticity? To find out, we called in the legendary A80 coupe for a test, and at the same time could not help but pay tribute to the culture of night racing, which made Supra famous.


Seismic Dodge Challenger Hellcat and our most beautiful video

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is a frantic American muscle car that develops an incredible 717 horsepower, and so that you don't accidentally crash on it, you can only get to full power with a special red key. We had it. And there was also a desire to shoot such a special car in a way that we have never filmed, which is why the video turned out to be special. It's worth seeing.


Bonus: Chevrolet El Camino and Breaking Bad Test

Finally, not really a car video - although, of course, most of the time in the frame is the magnificent 1959 Chevrolet El Camino. But basically this is our dedication to the cult TV series "Breaking Bad" and its full-length sequel, which is called El Camino. The scorching sun of the Arizona deserts, people in yellow suits, chases, intense plot - Hollywood as it is! Or Krasnodar Territory again? To be honest, we are already confused ourselves …

Of course, these are not all the videos that we are proud of, but the selection is already quite extensive. So stop reading - start watching if you haven't! Go to our Youtube channel and discover something new, or remember the old one. And be sure to write your opinion in the comments, we all read them!

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