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Demand For New Cars Has Grown In Russia

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Demand For New Cars Has Grown In Russia
Demand For New Cars Has Grown In Russia

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According to the Association of European Businesses (AEB), in March 2020, sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the Russian market increased by 4%, to 162,321 vehicles (plus 6,241 units). At the end of the quarter, the demand for cars turned out to be 1.8% higher than last year, 398,518 cars were sold.

“March proved to be a strong month with an unexpected 4% increase in sales over the same month last year, resulting in a 1.8% increase in market size in the first quarter over the same period last year. Many brands even posted double-digit increases in March. This strong start to the year, unfortunately, does not reflect the real trend, but rather is associated with the expected artificial increase in March sales due to the weakening of the currency. At the end of March, car sales and dealerships were discontinued abruptly due to measures related to the COVID-19 situation. The AEB has applied to the government with a proposal for measures of state support for the automotive industry. Many manufacturers are also developing comprehensive support measures for their dealers to support future business operations,”commented Jörg Schreiber, Chairman of the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee.

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Sales of new cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia in March 2020/2019 and January-March 2020/2019

Lad slowed down the decline in March to three percent, but the total sales of the brand, together with the former Chevrolet Niv, sank 5.6% to 34,539 vehicles. Following the results of three months, AvtoVAZ recorded a decrease by the same 3%, and taking into account Shniva - by 5.2%, to 83 657 units.

Among the most popular brands, the record jump in demand in March fell on Skod - plus 42%. Toyot (plus 36%) and Mercedes-Benz (plus 33%) also showed good results. Among the leaders, Datsun lost the most (minus 29%). In the first quarter, the best growth was noted by Toyot (plus 26%), and the strongest decline was shown by Mitsubishi (minus 13%).

The popularity of premium brands in the first month of spring increased by 19.1% to 11.8 thousand cars. However, this does not include BMW and Mini sales. Cadillac became the leader among premium brands. From January to March, dealers sold 44.8 thousand expensive cars, 10.6% more than a year earlier. For 3 months, BMW is slightly ahead of Mercedes-Benz in the Russian market, but the difference in half a thousand cars sold does not guarantee the “Bavarian” leadership at the end of the year.

Sales of the 10 most popular mass-market brands increased by 4.6% to 131.7 thousand units. For three months the dynamics is slightly worse - plus 1.8%, 316.3 thousand cars.

The demand for cars of the top 5 Japanese brands in March exceeded 30 thousand units, sales increased by 13.6% over the year. From January to March, sales of the same brands reached 66.9 thousand units, plus 7.8%. In many ways, the huge popularity of ToyotRAV4 had a positive effect on the dynamics: the new generation crossover diverges twice as much as its predecessor (plus 103% in March, plus 96.4% in the first quarter).

Cars of Chinese brands set a new record this year: plus 38.8%, 4.4 thousand cars. For three months, sales grew even more - by 52.5%, to 10.6 thousand units. The absolute best figures were demonstrated by the Changan brand, whose sales account for only 12% of all "Chinese". Market leader - Haval - brand share of almost 40%. Another quarter of sales are from Geely.

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25 best-selling new passenger cars in Russia for March 2020/2019 and January-March 2020/2019

Sales of LadGrant family cars have returned to growth after falling in February: plus 11.6% over the past month and plus 3.6% since the beginning of the year. At the same time, the flagship model of the brand - Vest - showed the opposite dynamics: in March, the model was chosen by 13% fewer buyers, and in three months - by 4%. Nevertheless, Vesta regained its second place, which was taken by KiRio in February.

Hyundai Solaris continues to lose popularity. The fall in demand for the Korean sedan (minus 28.6% in March) allowed VW Polo (plus 25.4%) to get into the top five. According to the results of sales for 3 months, Polo also turned out to be more popular than Solaris.

ToyotRAV4 has a record jump in the rating: plus 103% in March and 96.4% in three months. The strongest drop in a month was recorded for Hyundai Solaris (minus 28.6%), and in the first quarter the anti-record belongs to LadXray (minus 20%).

ToyotCamry's chances of being the leader in its segment at the end of the year have noticeably increased: KiOptim has dropped out of the top 25 best-selling cars. However, sales of the Japanese sedan also slipped: minus 8% in March and minus 9% in January-March. In addition, it is sold out 1.5 times worse than the RAV4.

Hyundai Tucson, MazdCX-5 and SkodKodiaq hit the top 25 in March 2020. Chevrolet Niva, Datsun on-Do and KiOptima dropped out of the rating. Only 11 models in the ranking have sold better over the past month than a year ago.

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