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Dealers Freeze Prices And & Nbsp; Sell Cars Remotely

Dealers Freeze Prices And & Nbsp; Sell Cars Remotely
Dealers Freeze Prices And & Nbsp; Sell Cars Remotely

Video: Dealers Freeze Prices And & Nbsp; Sell Cars Remotely

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Russian dealers were forced to suspend their work: due to the coronavirus pandemic, a self-isolation regime was introduced in many regions, and the days from March 30 to April 30 were declared non-working by presidential decree. Most trade enterprises have been ordered to close - only grocery stores, pharmacies and outlets selling essential goods are functioning.

Car dealerships were also banned in most regions, but many of them switched to remote work - online and by phone. Dealers continue to advise buyers and even offer to buy a car without leaving home. We have collected several examples of how dealers and manufacturers restructure their work during self-isolation.

  • Chery has opened an online store: through the Internet, you can book and buy a car that will be delivered by a tow truck to the client. The manufacturer assures that the machine will be thoroughly disinfected before delivery.

    • Several large dealers decided to try online car purchase, including the Klyuchavto Group of Companies, Rolf and Fresh Auto. After the purchase, the car will be delivered to a place convenient for the client.
    • GC "Okami", in addition to the distance sale of cars, decided to keep the prices for spare parts and new cars at the old level, if you leave an online purchase request. Some other companies, for example, Favorit Motors, also "froze" prices when ordering via the Internet.

    • BMW has announced that it does not plan to raise the ruble price tags for already produced cars and local assembly kits. However, prices for fresh BMWs will increase by an average of 5% from April.

    In addition, most dealers offer potential buyers to make a prepayment and book the selected car, or pay in full for the purchase and pick up the car later. In this case, all stages of the transaction will take place online. Remotely, customers can still make an appointment for a service, extend insurance, calculate a loan, and so on. It will only be possible to visit a car dealership only after self-isolation has been removed.

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