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Moscow Introduced Fines For Drivers Violating Self-isolation Regime

Moscow Introduced Fines For Drivers Violating Self-isolation Regime
Moscow Introduced Fines For Drivers Violating Self-isolation Regime

Video: Moscow Introduced Fines For Drivers Violating Self-isolation Regime

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Video: Moscow's quarantine: no traffic, empty parks and fear 2023, February

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a law amending the capital's Administrative Offenses Code, which introduce monetary penalties for violating the "high alert" regime (including self-isolation), which has been operating in the city for several days. Ordinary citizens face a fine of 4,000 rubles, drivers - 5,000 rubles, and the car of violators will be sent to an impound parking lot.

  • As explained to RIA by the deputy of the Moscow City Duma Kirill Shchitov, the police will not yet be able to fine the townspeople for violating the self-isolation regime. They will have this right only after the signing of an agreement between the Moscow government and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The agreement itself, according to the deputy, is already ready. It is unknown when it will be signed. Now real responsibility is provided only for violation of the quarantine regime.
  • In addition, the law itself uses a very vague wording of a violation, for which a new fine is threatened: "Failure by citizens to comply with the requirements of the regulatory legal acts of the city of Moscow, aimed at introducing and ensuring a high alert regime in the city of Moscow, including the failure to ensure self-isolation …" The list of acts and their wording is not specified. It is possible that the acts regulating the rules for the movement of citizens during the regime of self-isolation will appear later, and the adoption of a law with new fines is a preventive measure.

  • The mandatory self-isolation regime in Moscow was introduced on March 30. Earlier, by decree of the President of Russia, the days from March 28 to April 30 were declared non-working throughout the country. However, the president left it to the local authorities to impose additional restrictions (including a self-isolation regime) or relaxation for the population and various types of business, based on the epidemiological situation in the region. In most cities, only grocery stores and outlets selling essential goods, pharmacies and vital enterprises are now operating. The heads of the regions are also allowed to introduce measures to restrict traffic.
  • According to the Moscow Department of Transport, the roads of the capital in early April became 86% freer than three weeks ago. Compared to April 2, 2019, today the number of accidents decreased by 89%, taxi services began to be used by 63% less, and car sharing - by 63%. The total number of personal vehicles on Moscow roads decreased by 64%.

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