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In Europe, Because Of The Coronavirus, They Stopped Buying Cars

In Europe, Because Of The Coronavirus, They Stopped Buying Cars
In Europe, Because Of The Coronavirus, They Stopped Buying Cars

Video: In Europe, Because Of The Coronavirus, They Stopped Buying Cars

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Video: How to buy a car in a pandemic 2023, January

The global car market suffers the first serious losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has engulfed most countries. According to Automotive News Europe, in March, when the epidemic reached European countries, new car sales in most European markets sank by an average of 70-90%. Analysts predict that by the end of the full year, demand in the European market will decline by 20%.

  • Sales of new passenger cars in France in March 2020 fell by 72.2%, to 62.7 thousand cars.
  • Sales of cars from local carmakers (PS and Renault) decreased by 72.6%. Cars of foreign brands were bought worse by 71.8%. The largest European manufacturer - VW Group - sank 78.9%. The Toyot brand is doing slightly better - minus 58.6%.
  • In Italy, the market collapsed even more - by 85%, to 28.3 thousand cars.
  • In Spain, the drop in demand was 69% - only 37.6 thousand cars. Tesl sales decreased less than others - minus 37%. Good results in the current situation were shown by the brands Seat, Hyundai and Toyot - a fall of less than 50%.
  • The markets of Belgium and Switzerland felt a little better, where a decrease was recorded by 48% (1.7 thousand units) and 41% (17.1 thousand units), respectively. The minimum decrease in demand is in Sweden, minus 9% (27.5 thousand cars).

Most European countries are currently in quarantine: restrictions have been introduced on the movement of citizens and on the work of most organizations, which also affect dealerships. In France, harsh measures have been in effect since March 16, in Spain since March 10. It is likely that in April, sales will decline even more, if the epidemiological situation does not improve in the coming days.

According to the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA), the shutdown of auto factories due to the pandemic has affected about 1.11 million Europeans working in the car industry. At the same time, the number of people involved in the entire chain (logistics, production of auto components, sales, etc.), who also suffered from quarantine, is noticeably higher.

In Russia, from March 30 to April 5, public holidays have been declared, auto production, many dealerships (although most of them continue to operate online), as well as most enterprises, retail outlets and organizations that provide services to the public are closed. All auto industries related to the coronavirus we collect in a separate section.

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