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Read At Home: Seven Racing Episodes Worth Exploring In & Nbsp; Quarantine

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Read At Home: Seven Racing Episodes Worth Exploring In & Nbsp; Quarantine
Read At Home: Seven Racing Episodes Worth Exploring In & Nbsp; Quarantine

Video: Read At Home: Seven Racing Episodes Worth Exploring In & Nbsp; Quarantine

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Almost all sporting events around the world have been paused due to the coronavirus pandemic: health is paramount right now. But you also need to entertain yourself somehow, right? If you are already tired of the Belarusian football championship, which has not heard anything about quarantine, and you miss Formula 1 and WRC, and they will not return to normal mode soon, then we have a way to help. This collection contains seven racing championships that you may not have heard of, but which you should definitely watch

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The British Touring Championship (BTCC) is one of the most spectacular, if not the most spectacular touring car racing series. These guys do not obey the FIA, write their own technical regulations, race on the coolest circuits in Great Britain and come up with such rules that it gets hot in every race!

Almost three dozen cars showed up for the 2020 season. Despite the local status, four factory teams compete in the championship at once: Honda, BMW, Toyot and Vauxhall. The variety of models in UK touring is impressive. Front-wheel drive hatchbacks (Ford Focus ST, Hyundai i30N, HondCivic Type R, Mercedes-Benz A-class, Vauxhall Astra, Audi S3), as well as front-wheel drive (Volkswagen CC, ToyotCorolla) and rear-wheel drive (BMW 330i, Infiniti Q50) sedans are driven here.

All cars are built according to the NGTC regulations. The cars are equipped with two-liter turbo engines with a capacity of at least 350 horsepower. Moreover, the racing unit can be built on the basis of almost any engine of the same brand as the rest of the car. And only the turbines and intercoolers are the same for all BTCC participants.

Cars hit the track six times during the race weekend! Two trainings and qualifications take place on Saturday, and on Sunday there are already three races! The starting grid of the first is formed according to the results of qualification, the second - according to the results of the first race, and the third - according to the results of the second, but with an inverted grid: the sixth car of the second race takes pole, and the first moves to sixth place. There is also a system of weight handicaps. Firstly, the cars of the leaders of the overall standings of the championship are added, and secondly, they are added to the winners and prize-winners of the races within the framework of one weekend, so that there is a struggle in every race! Isn't that wonderful?

Where to see: BTCC broadcast rights belong to the British broadcaster ITV, so if you can find recordings of the races on the Web, they will not be very legal. But cuts of the best moments and backstages are on the official YouTube channel of the championship.

FIEuropean Hillclimb

Imagine: hillclimb or racing on regular, but temporarily closed mountain serpentines - the oldest motorsport championship held under the auspices of the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The first competitions took place back in the 1930s, and then even car manufacturers with factory teams were attracted to races on narrow, fidgety paths!

Today, the European Hill Climbing Championship attracts mainly private traders, but this does not mean that they have nothing to show. The leaders of the series ride sports prototypes - in fact, the same as in endurance races. For example, on OsellPA21, Ligier JS 51 or NormM20. Others build wildly powerful versions of production cars with incredible aerodynamics for races. There are participants on modified racing cars of all possible series, therefore, to meet a real Formula at such competitions is as easy as shelling pears. Even the official Formula Renault race cars can be found in the application for the stages!

And there are more participants at each stage than in BTCC. For example, in the seventh race of last year's championship, which took place in Italy, only 40 cars reached the finish line, and another half dozen cars left the race for one reason or another.More than fifty cool cars in one race - yes, this is a real celebration of speed! And with the speed, everything is really good: the winner of the Italian stage drove a narrow and treacherous track a little less than 18 kilometers long with an average speed of over 100 km / h!

It is also important to know about Hillclimb that, in addition to the FIA ​​European Championship, there are a lot of local races, in which equally fascinating cars take part. Like a mad Mitsubishi Mirage WRT EVO II with huge fenders, a diffuser and a 750-horsepower motor. Why, even such a rarity as the McLaren F1 can be found on the hillclimb!

Where to see: YouTube. For some reason, there is no official channel for the European Hillclimb Championship, but there is a huge number of fan pages with so many videos that you will have enough for the entire quarantine. Onboards on the Web are also above the roof, but get ready - it can get seasick.

Stadium SuperTrucks

It didn't seem to you. These are really pickups for bang and rally-raids, which are chopped … on the ring. The championship is officially called Boost Mobile SuperTrucks. The races are held at circuit tracks in the USA, Canada and Australia. In 2019, the calendar consisted of 9 stages; in 2020, there should have been ten.

The series pilots drive identical vehicles built on tubular frames. All of them are equipped with 600 horsepower V8 engines from Chevrolet. The SUVs go up to 230 kilometers per hour, and the changes the teams can make are minimal: just a few tweaks without reworking the entire structure.

And now for the fun. These cars really stand on three wheels in a corner. And for them, they really collect special jumps over which you have to jump during the race. Of course, they crash and roll over. And let's be clear: accidents are one of the reasons why we include races. The second reason is spectacular overtaking. Here and that, and another - it is enough.

Where to see: the series has its own YouTube channel, where all the races are posted. Don't thank!


Iceland is at the same time a sweet and quiet country, carefully isolated from the rest of the world, and at the same time home to perhaps the most extreme form of motorsport: Formula Off-Road! And this championship has nothing to do with the classic "formulas". Because here they drive not on smooth and beautiful stationary race tracks, but on steep cliffs and rocks.

No kidding: these cars literally drive vertically up! The technical regulations are very attentive to the safety and durability of cars: most of the points are devoted to these things. Because such machines tumble down the mountains as often as they overcome them. Otherwise, the rules require four wheels, four-wheel drive and two seats in the cabin.

The motor can be absolutely anything, at the discretion of the designer. And in the top class Unlimited, the engines are allowed to feed methanol, which significantly increases power. The nitrous oxide injection system is allowed for all categories of cars of the Formula Off-Road … Why are we crucified. See for yourself!

Where to see: An excellent selection of suitable vidos about Rubilovo on vertical slopes is available on the official website of the championship.

Boss GP

Many racing fans are likely to have a lot of questions in their heads regarding cars of different eras and classes. Who is faster: Formula 1 or IndyCar? Are the new Formula 1 cars faster than the old ones? All of these questions can be answered by watching the Boss GP racing series. Boss, by the way, does not stand for what you might think, but as Big Open Single Seaters.

The series is divided into two classes. There are four Formula 1 cars (Toro Rosso STR1, two Benetton B197s and one Jaguar R3) and one Formula Renault 3.5 car in the senior Open. In the junior Formul, race cars of the youth series GP2 and Auto GP are driven. All cars are on the track during the race at the same time, and the tracks are very serious. The calendar contains, for example, Imola and Hockenheimring.

It seems that this championship can provide answers to many eternal questions.

Where to see: the series has an official YouTube channel. There are not very many videos, but full recordings of several races are present.

W Series

Only female racers compete in this series. Among them are, for example, Abby Eaton. The one that sets the Eboladrome lap times on The Grand Tour. The launch of the championship was announced in October 2018, and the first season was held in 2019. 20 riders took part in it, and the British Jamie Chadwick became the champion.

All participants drive Tatuus T-318 race cars that comply with the Formula 3 regulations. The cars are equipped with 270 horsepower four-cylinder turbo engines and six-speed Sadev gearboxes.

The 2019 season consisted of six stages, with two more planned to be added in 2020. Moreover, the calendar includes a race in Russia: at the Igora autodrome near St. Petersburg. It was with her that the second season of the W Series was supposed to begin on May 29-30 - unless, of course, this is prevented by the coronavirus pandemic. Then the championship was going to Sweden, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, the USA and Mexico. We hope that it will be so.

Where to see: records of several races of the last season, as well as a huge amount of materials about the life of the championship, are on the official YouTube channel of the series.


Perhaps the most frostbitten series. In fact, this is an ordinary kart with a small aerodynamic body kit, but with a very powerful motor! Two cylinders, 250 cc and 100 horsepower. That is, Superkart cars are as powerful as any B-class hatchback, but they weigh like a cart full of buckwheat from a hypermarket - only 218 kilograms!

Up to one hundred kilometers per hour such a kart accelerates in less than three seconds, and its maximum speed is 224 km / h! Therefore, supercards are not fumbled on tiny karting tracks, but are released on large and serious tracks. Like the British Silverstone. And they go there very worthily!

And so that you are finally convinced that real psychopaths are sitting behind the wheel of supercars: they even chase in the snow. Here's the proof:

Where to see: His Majesty YouTube is at your service. There are many onboards and fan footage on the web. There are even records of complete races, but supercards are not wildly popular, so there are few professional records. But try it - you will surely like it!

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