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Mid-size Crossovers: The Ultimate Guide

Mid-size Crossovers: The Ultimate Guide
Mid-size Crossovers: The Ultimate Guide
Video: Mid-size Crossovers: The Ultimate Guide
Video: SUVs vs Crossovers: What's the difference? – Behind a Desk 2023, February

Except for budget models, mid-size crossovers are the most popular cars in Russia. Neither golf class cars nor business sedans that have flooded corporate and taxi fleets can compete in sales with Volkswagen Tiguan, ToyotRAV4 and KiSportage partners. And so that you don't have to scour the entire Internet in search of information about these machines, we have collected everything in one place. Don't thank!

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Best sellers

Class leader at the end of 2019 - VW Tiguan… He is also the only representative of the segment in the "top 10" of the most popular cars in the country: Tiguan sold almost as well as Renault Duster! Why is he so successful? We will tell you in the most detailed and two comparative tests at once!

Finished the second race in 2019 KiSportage, but until recently it was he who was able to move the RAV4 from the first place. And the Korean crossover achieved excellent results before its engine range was tidied up: at first, the Sportage was sold with an aspirated 2.0, the not very popular 1.6 turbo engine, and an expensive diesel engine.

ToyotRAV4Despite his advanced age, he remained the leader of the class for a long time, however, the young "Japanese" still moved. Therefore, Toyota urgently changed a generation and rushed into battle with renewed vigor. The legendary name and reliability, as well as impressive spaciousness allow "Rafik" to break through to the top of the rating at a deafening pace!

Second echelon

At first SkodKodiaq stalled on the Russian market, because we sold only not the cheapest imported cars. However, with the launch of local production, the position of the seven-seat relative of Tiguan has improved significantly. Therefore, at the end of 2019, it is the fourth most popular model in the class.

Current Mitsubishi outlander - the oldest representative of the segment. The model debuted back in 2012, went through several restyling, but not a single major technical change. However, this does not prevent the Japanese crossover from being in demand: 23 894 units sold in 2019!

On the success of the KiSportage platform-based mid-size crossover Hyundai Tucson there is no need to dream yet. However, unlike its sister model, Tucson has kept a cool diesel in the engine range! Moreover, an off-road vehicle with a "heavy fuel" engine costs quite adequate money.

MazdCX-5 - the most successful Mazda model on the Russian market and, perhaps, the most beautiful car in this class. But the Japanese crossover turned out to be not the most outstanding in terms of practicality, not the most comfortable and far from the cheapest. But still desirable for many.

Non-obvious options

Subaru forester - the main reason why the Japanese company is still holding on to the Russian market: the crossover is selling better than all the other models of the company combined. Of course, the demand is too small for high positions in the charts, but the forik is one of the most capable off-road crossovers.

Outstanding off-tarmac skills Renault Koleos cannot boast, but today it is one of the most extravagant and "European" crossovers. Design unusual for Russian Renault cars, expensive interior and vertical multimedia … and also an impressive price tag.

Probably, many of you have forgotten not only about this model, but also about the existence of Honda in principle. But, imagine, in Russia you can still buy a new one HondCR-V… At the global level, this crossover is generally one of the most demanded and popular, and in Russia the "sideboard" is sold in units. Maybe they just underestimate him?

Technically Jeep compass - a direct competitor to the more compact Nissan Qashqai, but in Russia the price tag of the American crossover forces it to fight the Tiguan, RAV4 and Sportage. Is he able to oppose something to these monsters?

The biggest problem Citroen C5 Aircross - it cannot be bought with all-wheel drive. However, the "Frenchman" has his trump cards: he looks cool, he has an unusual interior, there are cool options, for example, a built-in video recorder, as well as an unusual suspension.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated returns to the Russian market! Opel will once again sell cars with us. And the newest history of the German brand, which now belongs to the French, begins in Russia with this particular model - a crossover Opel Grandland X.

Another close relative of Citroen and Opel - Peugeot 3008… A few years before the appearance of this model, the French company was in a very unenviable position. However, she found the strength and again began to make excellent cars. For example, updating the losing popularity compact vans into crossovers, as is the case with the 3008.

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