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Moscow Traffic Jams Decreased Due To Coronavirus

Moscow Traffic Jams Decreased Due To Coronavirus
Moscow Traffic Jams Decreased Due To Coronavirus

Video: Moscow Traffic Jams Decreased Due To Coronavirus

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Video: Ambulance Traffic Jams At Moscow Hospitals As COVID-19 Cases Surge 2023, February

Analysts at Yandex.Maps recorded positive changes in the structure of Moscow traffic over the past week. In their opinion, this is due to the recommendation of the authorities to maintain social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic and to work from home.

  • If from March 16 to 22 Moscow roads were loaded more than usual, and the level of traffic jams reached nine points, then this week, according to Yandex.Maps, there are noticeably fewer cars on the roads. Only on Thursday evening, March 26, road congestion exceeded six points.
  • In addition, Yandex announces the growing popularity of contactless filling at gas stations through its proprietary Navigator application: the number of transactions increased by 10 percent. This application allows you to pay for refueling without leaving your car at the stations that are connected to the program.
  • There is also a decrease in the number of pedestrians in Moscow. The number of built routes for travel by public transport decreased by 25 percent, and by metro - by 45 percent at once.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus in Russia, the entire next week - from March 30 to April 3 - was officially declared non-working with pay. All shopping centers, restaurants, parks and other public places will be closed for visiting. Grocery stores and pharmacies will continue to operate as usual.

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