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A Non-working Week In Russia: What Will Happen To & Nbsp; Car Dealerships, Service Stations And & Nbsp; Car Washes

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A Non-working Week In Russia: What Will Happen To & Nbsp; Car Dealerships, Service Stations And & Nbsp; Car Washes
A Non-working Week In Russia: What Will Happen To & Nbsp; Car Dealerships, Service Stations And & Nbsp; Car Washes

Video: A Non-working Week In Russia: What Will Happen To & Nbsp; Car Dealerships, Service Stations And & Nbsp; Car Washes

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To prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the week from March 30 to April 5 in Russia was declared a day off by presidential decree. By order of the government, shopping centers, sports clubs, offices, retail outlets and other crowded areas will be closed. Pharmacies, medical institutions, grocery stores and those enterprises on which the vital spheres of our life depend will continue to operate as usual. But will car dealerships, service stations, car washes and tire shops work? We answer.


Will car dealerships work

It all depends on the specific orders of the local authorities. In Moscow - definitely not. All showrooms will be closed, but most of the dealerships we interviewed plan to work remotely: they will receive calls, advise customers online and help calculate the cost of the car, and it will be possible to visit the car dealership after the ban ends. This scheme was confirmed by U Service +, Inchcape, Rolf, Irbis-Auto.

Most of the salons tried to issue already paid cars before March 28, and some do not exclude the possibility of issuing cars during the non-working week - but only by prior agreement with the client and always observing all possible precautions.

In the regions, some dealers do not plan to close showrooms. For example, car dealerships of the Samara Automobiles holding, according to information at the time of publication of this text, will not close, but will reduce the working hours of auto centers. Dealers in Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Kazan, Ryazan, Yaroslavl are not going to close their salons. At least until special orders from local authorities are received.

Several dealers have clarified by phone that, most likely, 1-2 employees will be on duty in their showrooms during the week. Whether the auto center will be open for customers at this time, they do not inform. Some regional dealers suspend the functioning of only the client and entertainment zones in showrooms and cancel test drives, but keep the work of individual divisions. Some departments are transferred to a remote mode.

A number of dealers in the regions have accepted the government order in full and intend to completely close from March 28 to April 5, including service zones.

Finally, some of the dealers interviewed reported that the decision to work during vacations was still pending at the time of publication. Therefore, if you are going to visit a car dealership, then go to the site or call - and specify whether it will work and at what time.


Will dealers service cars

In the capital, service centers, including dealerships, have been ordered to suspend the acceptance of cars for service. However, they are not prohibited from completing work with those machines that are already in the service. In addition, service stations are allowed to leave emergency teams on duty at their workplaces.

Several dealers have announced that their service divisions will continue to operate as usual "pending special orders."

In the regions, the situation is exactly the same. Some of the dealers have announced a change in their work schedule, others will completely close the doors of service stations for customers, and some are going to work as usual.

One of the employees of the regional dealer said that if customers sign up for service for the coming week, then the service plans to operate in a “standby mode” with a minimum number of required specialists.


Will independent service stations, car washes and tire fitting centers work?

Most of the independent service stations we interviewed intend to continue working without changing the schedule and regime. And only in Moscow they should be subject to the same restrictions as the dealer service stations.

At the same time, Alexander Garankov, director of development of the FIT SERVICE network, responded to a request from Auto.ru that “so far all network services continue to operate as usual, but in compliance with the measures to prevent proliferation recommended by the Ministry of Health. We received a similar answer from the Wilgood network.

There is no ban on the work of car washes and tire changers. There is only one restriction in Moscow and the region - to suspend the functioning of catering zones, if any.

President of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association (ROAD) Oleg Moseev in an interview with Avto.ru said that the opinion of lawyers regarding the complete closure of dealerships is ambiguous. Because of this, it is not entirely clear now to what extent the presidential order will be implemented. At the same time, Moseev notes that it is necessary to pay attention to the orders of the local authorities. In some regions, the suspension of work is advisory in nature, and in some, a direct ban on the functioning of car dealerships is introduced. “It is important to understand that for the supervisory authorities, most likely, the requirement to close the car dealership will include, among other things, service. Perhaps the showrooms will be closed or switched to online service, and the service will continue to work - the cars that “serve” the cities and the population need MOT. In addition, personal cars also need it, since "from the point of view of the epidemiological situation, this is the safest mode of transport."

According to Moseev, the ROAD association has already appealed to the government with a request to classify the activities of authorized service companies as an emergency repair company and to allow them to work. However, at the time of publication of this material, the final decision was not announced.

Of course, a non-working week with the closure of most of our favorite cafes, shopping centers and businesses that provide familiar services creates certain inconveniences in our usual rhythm of life. However, these measures are needed to slow the spread of the coronavirus and save lives. Therefore, if possible, spend this week at home. And if you suddenly gather for a service or a car dealership, then first call and specify the operating mode. Take care of yourself!

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