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How Motorists Survive Quarantine: Simple But Important Tips

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How Motorists Survive Quarantine: Simple But  Important Tips
How Motorists Survive Quarantine: Simple But Important Tips

Video: How Motorists Survive Quarantine: Simple But Important Tips

Video: How Motorists Survive Quarantine: Simple But  Important Tips
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It seems that voluntary-forced isolation is our new reality. Less commuting, less commuting, teleworking, home delivery, and regular hand washing. It is not worth explaining that the transition to such an unusual rhythm of life is the contribution of each of us in the fight against the further spread of the coronavirus and, probably, in saving someone's life. But what if contacts with the outside world cannot be avoided and it is impossible to refuse the car? We have collected some tips to help you during this difficult time.

To begin with, let's recall the general recommendations that should be followed always and everywhere. Minimize contact with people - acquaintances and strangers. If there is an opportunity to be at home more or to walk in uncrowded places, use it to spend time with your family.

Try to maintain a distance of 1–2 meters in shops and other crowded places. Wash your hands often and do this for at least 20 seconds. If you do not know how to do this correctly, see the instructions from the World Health Organization. Or from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I tried to do hand-washing tutorial for Cherry but I think you guys will pay more attention. Be safe. Wash your hands. Listen to scientists and experts, not foreheads. Together, we can slow this down and protect each other. COVID19

- Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) March 13, 2020

Do not touch your face, use personal disinfectants as often as possible: sprays, wipes or sanitizing gels. Especially before getting into the car and taking over the steering wheel or other controls. It is not difficult, but very important.

Is it possible to stay at home? Stay

Of course, when choosing between public and private transport, it is better to stay in your own car. But instead of driving to the store and queuing up, use online grocery delivery services. There are many such services in large cities, and they work efficiently. Therefore, download the application, evaluate the possibilities and only then make a decision: go to the supermarket by car or call a courier at home.

Help elderly neighbors and people without a car

Any help is useful in difficult times. Perhaps those who live near you also need shopping: food, medicine, or something else. It will not be superfluous to ask. It is only better to do this without visiting a visit - especially to older people who are at risk. A call to a neighbor, the help of a concierge or the increasingly popular general chats in instant messengers will help. You can leave your purchases at the door and pay by online transfer.

Use contactless payment for services

If the car runs out of gas and a visit to the gas station cannot be avoided, try not to pay in cash - use a card or contactless payment (smartphone, smart watch, etc.). You can thank the filling station by leaving a tip on the column. And if you wield a pistol yourself, then keep it in disposable gloves, and then disinfect your hands before getting into the car.

A good, albeit not yet widespread, alternative to the usual refueling is online payment when you don't need to get out of the car at all. In the Yandex. Navigator application, you can select a gas station that works with the Yandex. Fuel service and pay for fuel. You just have to wait until the tanker refills the fuel and drive away.

Wash the car yourself or trust the automation

Unlike contactless gas stations, the network of automatic and self-washes is much wider. Try to use these areas, avoiding traditional car wash facilities and talking to staff. If you decide to wash the car yourself, then use disposable gloves and take into account the high humidity: viruses love warm and humid air. It is also better to refuse cash when paying and choose contactless payment terminals - fortunately, there are plenty of them too.

Postpone a visit for a service, except in emergencies

If it's time for maintenance, try postponing it for a few weeks. Nothing bad will happen to the car. But if a visit is unavoidable - you need to go through a technical checkup to get insurance or something breaks down in the car - then stick to the basic rules: as little live communication as possible, more payments with cards or online, fewer visits to the service during peak hours / days. And after the car is returned to you, take a little time to ventilate the interior and treat the surfaces with an antiseptic. Sounds like paranoia, but this is the reality.

The insurance can also be extended without leaving home

Electronic or e-OSAGO is our new and very convenient reality. You can apply for a policy online from home. This will save you a lot of time and, in some cases, money. How to do this, we described in detail in the Auto.ru Tutorial, and as for the cost of the policy, it does not depend at all on the way it is issued. In short, you don't need to travel anywhere, and you don't even have to print the policy itself.

But the rights will have to be changed personally

In some places abroad, the authorities have decided to automatically renew the expiring driver's license for the period of quarantine. But since such orders have not yet been issued in Russia, a visit to the State Traffic Inspectorate cannot be avoided. However, you can use electronic services and carry out a significant part of the necessary procedures online - fill out an application, upload documents, make an appointment with the traffic police and pay a fee.

You can change or restore rights in any center of public services "My Documents", regardless of place of residence. In such centers, new certificates are issued within nine calendar days, and in the flagship offices of "My Documents" - on the day of application, subject to an appointment. In Moscow and the Moscow region, you can register for obtaining rights through the mos.ru portal.

According to the press service of the State Budgetary Institution "My Documents", disinfection measures have been strengthened in the departments: cleaning, disinfection, disinfection of ventilation systems are carried out, and documents are received and transmitted in disposable gloves.

Register the purchased vehicle using online services

To register a new or used car on time, make the most of the online services. The State Services website and the Moscow portal mos.ru, for example, allow you to remotely make an appointment with the traffic police, choose the time of registration and correct data in the event of a sale or theft of a car. In addition, the portal allows you to pay traffic fines from home, clarify information about evacuation to a parking lot, or file a complaint about an AMPP fine for unpaid parking.

Support small business in all its forms

Small companies, accustomed to fighting for every customer, will suffer the hardest from the quarantine. Therefore, support those from whom you buy fresh vegetables or spare parts for your favorite car. Otherwise, then you will have no one to go to.