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Excavation 3.0: What Else Did Auto.ru Users Find In Their Cars

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Excavation 3.0: What Else Did Auto.ru Users Find In Their Cars
Excavation 3.0: What Else Did Auto.ru Users Find In Their Cars

Video: Excavation 3.0: What Else Did Auto.ru Users Find In Their Cars

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: drone catches Slices the Demon at this abandoned car scrap yard (we found him) 2023, February

Not long ago, we asked about the unusual things that you found in your cars. Who would have thought that there would be so many stories in the comments that the section would be continued! You can find a list of past finds here and here, and now is the time to be surprised at new car surprises: fake money, machetes, fish and voodoo dolls. The word is for our readers.


"Found a large military binocular under the seat in ToyotMark II."

Steel arms. Lot

“In 2001, an Audi 100 was bought from Germany. Six months later, I decided to do a general cleaning and found a German bayonet-knife from the Second World War under the upholstery. What was my surprise”.

“I inherited a car from my grandfather. Large Korean jeep. And in big cars there are a lot of bugs. After some time I was going on vacation, across the border. Well, I decided to carefully examine this barn, remembering my grandfather's addiction to knives. As a result, I found 4 folding and one hefty dagger. A friend (the same lover of knives), to whom I gave it in the end, said that the dagger falls under the combat section, and at the border I would fly in full."

«Bought about 5 years ago Allroad C5. After a couple of months I found [in it] a huge machete! I gave it to bata, it still uses it”.

“In 2014, I bought an eight. On the first day I heard a knock from behind, from somewhere in the cabin. Climbed his hand between the rear seat and the trim. I took out a healthy knife, like a machete. The blade is 40 centimeters. It is still lying around at home."

“I bought a BMW, brought it from Moscow to the city, traveled for a year and found a carved stash inside the chair. I checked what was there - it turns out that there were 3 knives, 1 "injury" and two thousand dollars."



“A friend of mine in a Mercedes-Benz E200 opened the steering wheel and found thongs there! Apparently, instead of a safety cushion."

“A couple of days after buying the car, friends found a bra and a clean diaper in the back seat pocket. Was funny".


“In 2005 I bought a used“dvenashka”. Since the glove compartment was difficult to open, I put the insurance under the passenger seat. The next day we went to my mother-in-law in another city. At the checkpoint, the “gaytsy” stopped to check the documents. To get the insurance, I put my hand under the seat and fumbled for the pistol grip (and there was a “gadget” behind my back). He showed the insurance with shaking hands and drove on. Then he pulled out a gas pistol from under the seat. He threw it in the garage, so he is lying there somewhere."



“I bought an Opel Fronter in 2010. I found a clock under the plastic of the armrest. Switzerland, but on batteries. According to the catalog on the Internet, the price of new ones is about 30 euros."

“A brother and a friend bought a BMW X5 for repair and resale. The clock flashed while cleaning under the seat. We got it - a gold Rolex (a few thousand dollars minimum). How disappointing it was when I informed them that it was a fake. But, admittedly, not bad. A friend used them for a couple of years. The move is accurate, but then the "gilding" peeled off."


"A friend bought a VAZ, found in it the rights of the previous owner."

“I bought a 'penny' 1980 onwards. I decided to clean the flooring and in the glove compartment I found an invitation to a meeting of production leaders, on August 7, 1982. I was 36 years late, but I could have gone like that."

"A bunch of writs of execution, summons and other court and prosecutorial papers for the previous one."

“In the early 90s, I asked a friend to drive a car to ride. He found Mazd626. I gave money for the car and for fines, then I drove it home from the border myself. While cleaning, I came across a German bill of sale, where the real value of the car was in stamps. Drugan welded on me 1.5 times). I don’t address my acquaintances anymore.”

“I bought a Priora, hatch. In the luggage compartment, under the lining, there were two passports: one new, the other from the times of the USSR - and a file with a bundle of papers, where correspondence and calls were tracked."


Echo of the 90s

“I bought a white BMW-7 - at the beginning of the two thousandth. Gave it in for repair.The triangle on the ceiling and the over-tightened seats confused me, but did not attach importance. The repairmen did everything, but they said “Sell!” The triangle was blocking the entrance from the bullet, the seats were clearly stained. Sold ".

“In the 90s, when our troops were being withdrawn from the GDR, I bought an Opel Omega from a military man. Two months later, while cleaning the interior, I found an F-1 combat grenade under the back seat. When my wife saw her, she almost fainted, as she traveled with me in the back seat with two children every day”.

Voodoo Doll

“About 10 years ago I bought an Audi A6, a station wagon. The car did not take root: 4 accidents without my participation, minor flaws in parking lots … I decided to sell it. The buyer, when inspecting the car, in the cavity for the xenon block found a "voodoo doll" studded with needles … "

Keys under the bottom

“Once we bought a RAV4 from Japan. A magnetic pencil case with an additional key from the same RAV4 was found on the bottom. Then they didn't even think that the sellers were just going to take the car away from us. "

Fakes, money, two barrels

“In 2010 I bought an Audi Q5 in Germany. In the trunk I found a bag with two trunks and 80,000 euros. I drove past all borders, went through all the inspections - tin. Trunks, however, turned out to be duplicates and the money was fake, but there was a lot of joy! It turned out to be a set of toys for children. "

"Plans for the evening

“I bought the last car in 2010, Hyundai Sonata. Found two bottles of beer and a fish."

“My brother brought an Audi A6 from Moscow in 2015. And there in the trunk there are 2 boxes with "preziks". In general, about 100 or 200 pieces."

“At the beginning of perestroika, there was still: I bought a Nissan Leopard, right-hand drive from Japan. Inside the headrest there are a dozen “preziks”. I remember the name: "Suki-Suki" - all fresh. Shared with friends equally."


Aftermath of a strange party

“Bought a Pontiac Vibe, American. Under the rear seats I found:

1. A handful of broken glass. Not automobile. Some kind of crystal.

2. Pieces of 10 coins. American cents.

3. A ton of long wool. Looks like Chewbacca was being driven.

4. A toy car.

5. Women's panties. Chewbacca was having fun))) ".

Wiretapping gadgets

“I bought a Mitsubishi GTO, and on the way it was an official one, in the possession of some Japanese FBI man. There are a lot of different electronics for wiretapping, different jammers and a military radio."

Bulletproof vest and handcuffs

Chevrolet Tahoe. Apparently, a former policeman: there were handcuffs in the door pocket. And in the trunk there is a SWAT armor, under boxes with car oils and spare parts. "

Photo album

“Once I bought a used SkodFabia in St. Petersburg. In a tray under the glove compartment I found an envelope with photographs. And there - the former owner with various naked girls. Moreover, according to the dates in the photo, he collected his collection for seven years."

The most fantastic story

“Once I bought an Audi A8, and in the fold between the seat and the back of the driver's seat I found Ray-Ban aviator glasses with fingerprints. I handed them over for examination - it turned out, Statham's prints. I wrote to him that so, they say, and so, I found your glasses. He came to Voronezh and took them, and as a gift he left me a dent from a punch on the wall of my apartment. When I moved, I specially called the builders, they cut out a piece of this wall for me - now it is a family heirloom."

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