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AvtoVAZ Employee Found Coronavirus

AvtoVAZ Employee Found Coronavirus
AvtoVAZ Employee Found Coronavirus

Video: AvtoVAZ Employee Found Coronavirus

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Video: COVID to blame for deaths of three Manatee Co. workers 2023, January

One of the three people infected with coronavirus in the Samara region turned out to be an employee of AvtoVAZ. He worked at the headquarters of the company in Togliatti. This was reported by the TASS agency with reference to the press service of the company.

  • The employee, whose name has not been disclosed, was infected by a loved one who recently returned from Spain. The leadership of AvtoVAZ, together with Rospotrebnadzor and doctors, found everyone with whom the sick person could contact. Tests did not determine whether they were infected with coronavirus, but they were still quarantined for two weeks.
  • AvtoVAZ decided not to close the enterprise - it is working as usual. For prophylaxis, the plant disinfected the entrances, in all production and office premises, as well as in wardrobes, toilets and showers.

The Togliatti portal City Traffic learned from the head of the AvtoKom PG (one of the suppliers of AvtoVAZ) Vyacheslav Maleev that the automaker still began to experience difficulties due to an interruption in the supply of components from China and Europe. The stock of parts is still there, but it is already running out.

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