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How Often Cars Are Resold On & Nbsp; Avto.ru

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How Often Cars Are Resold On & Nbsp; Avto.ru
How Often Cars Are Resold On & Nbsp; Avto.ru

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Auto.ru analysts calculated how often the same cars reappear on sale, and how many cars find permanent owners. The study involved more than a million unique cars by VIN, first put up for sale and then withdrawn from sale on Auto.ru during 2019.

We checked whether these cars appeared on the classified again, and also studied which sellers placed them initially and which then resold: private sellers, car dealers or resellers.

How often the same cars are resold

It turned out that one in five cars was re-offered for sale during the study period. Of these, 4% of the vehicles were placed 3 times or more often. But most of the cars bought on Avto.ru did not appear on sale in the future.


Cars that are sold more than once a year usually remain in the same region after purchase in the same region where they were first put up for sale. Only 19 cars out of a hundred then appeared on sale in another region.

Who resells cars more often

Two-thirds of the ads on Auto.ru in 2019 were published by private sellers who do not trade cars for commercial purposes. The remaining advertisements are almost in equal shares at car dealerships and dealers.


Interestingly, 55% of the cars that came back to Avto.ru during the study period were exhibited by former buyers - ordinary private traders. And in more than half of the cases, these cars were also bought from private traders. This pattern also applies to cars that changed owners three times a year.

Almost a quarter of the cars, which then ended up with dealers, were bought from private sellers. Another 10% of cars are purchased at car dealerships. But most of the cars are bought from other dealers.

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