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Frankfurt Motor Show Becomes Munich

Frankfurt Motor Show Becomes Munich
Frankfurt Motor Show Becomes Munich

Video: Frankfurt Motor Show Becomes Munich

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Video: Мюнхен - Германия | Жизнь других |ENG| Munich - Germany | The Life of Others | 31.05.2020 2023, January

The Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA) has announced that the IA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) will move to Munich in 2021. Prior to that, since 1951, an exhibition of new passenger cars has invariably been held in Frankfurt.

BMW headquarters located in Munich
  • The options for holding the exhibition in Berlin and Hamburg were also considered. VD noted that Munich benefited from the experience of local authorities in organizing major events - they proposed a new format for the exhibition. Also, the choice was influenced by the attractiveness of the city itself and its developed transport infrastructure.
  • With the change of the city, the organizers want to abandon the traditional principles of holding international motor shows. According to the plan, promising technologies and services will be presented at IA, and cars will fade into the background. The Munich authorities have already given the go-ahead for the use of different parts of the city, including the central districts, for a live demonstration of new developments.

  • The timing of the new Munich Motor Show has not yet been officially determined. Previously, the Frankfurt International Fair was held every two years in September, alternating with the Paris Motor Show.

The Frankfurt Motor Show at VD was abandoned due to declining interest from automakers and visitors. In 2019, the event was ignored by 22 stamps, and the exhibition was attended by only 560 thousand people against 932 thousand in 2015. Also, the organizers did not like the protests of eco-activists who blocked traffic on the roads closest to the car dealership, blocked the entrance to the exhibition and climbed onto the roofs of exhibition cars.

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