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Geneva Motor Show Canceled Due To Coronavirus

Geneva Motor Show Canceled Due To Coronavirus
Geneva Motor Show Canceled Due To Coronavirus

Video: Geneva Motor Show Canceled Due To Coronavirus

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Video: 2020 'Geneva' Motor Show | The 18 cars you must see | Autocar 2023, February

The Swiss government has banned mass events with more than a thousand participants. The ban is valid from today until March 15 - it was on this day that the international Geneva Motor Show was supposed to close, which in recent years was attended by more than 600 thousand people.

13:45: Organizers of the Geneva Motor Show have officially confirmed the cancellation of the event.

  • The organizers of the exhibition planned to hold the European Car 2020 award ceremony on March 2, and the next day to open the car dealership for the press. For the rest of the visitors, the exhibition was to run from 5 to 15 March.
  • Until recently, they did not want to cancel the Geneva Motor Show, although as of February 28, eight cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Switzerland. Previously, the organizers of the exhibition ordered companies from the most infected regions to check their employees for symptoms of the disease before arriving in the country.
  • This is the first cancellation of the Geneva International Motor Show in over 70 years. The exhibition has been held every year since 1947.

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