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In Russia, Non-lovers Will Be Monitored Remotely

In Russia, Non-lovers Will Be Monitored Remotely
In Russia, Non-lovers Will Be Monitored Remotely

Video: In Russia, Non-lovers Will Be Monitored Remotely

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From 2022, new cars in Russia will begin to remotely transmit data on the use of seat belts by drivers. Yaroslav Fedoseev, a representative of NP GLONASS and NTI Avtonet, told TASS agency about this.

  • All information from cars will be received and processed on the Avtodata platform. In addition to the belts, the system will also deal with information about the location, the technical condition of the machines and environmental parameters. All data will be transmitted remotely via the Internet or when the vehicle is connected via the diagnostic port during maintenance.
  • According to Yaroslav Fedoseyev, the data received by the Avtodata system will be depersonalized and it is not planned to use them to write out fines for violation of the rules. The information is intended only to provide general information on safety compliance.

The deployment of the Avtodata platform for collecting, storing and processing vehicle data began in 2019. To create it, an intersectoral consortium was formed, which included the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Rosavtodor, Roskosmos, GLONASS, AEB, Avtodor, Yandex and other organizations.

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