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The Most Stolen Cars In Russia Are Named

The Most Stolen Cars In Russia Are Named
The Most Stolen Cars In Russia Are Named

Video: The Most Stolen Cars In Russia Are Named

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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In Russia, 20,017 cars were stolen in 2019, which is six percent less than in 2018, when 21,112 cars were stolen. The statistics were published by the Ugona.net portal with reference to the traffic police data.

  • The most stolen car was Hyundai Solaris: 1,171 cars were stolen in 2019. In second place is the KiRio family (1161 cars). Both Korean models are among the leaders in new car sales that year, and the Rio is the most popular foreign car in Russia.
  • ToyotCamry occupies the third line of the rating: last year the owners lost 778 cars. Closes the top five Lad with two classic models: "seven" (777 cars) and "six" (587).
  • In 2019, Chinese brands accounted for a significant increase in theft. The number of stolen Geely increased by 166 percent (32 cars), and Lifan - by 180 percent (87 cars). Among the models, theft increased from KiSoul (+263 percent, 58 units), Hyundai Cret (+142 percent, 184 cars) and KiOptim (+126 percent, 224 units).
  • Of the premium segment models, the largest increases in thefts were seen in the Range Rover Evoque (+118 percent, 48 vehicles), Range Rover Sport (+59 percent, 59 units) and the Porsche Cayenne (+39 percent, 53 crossovers).

  • Among the regions last year, cars were most often stolen in Moscow and the Moscow region: 23.9 percent of the total number of thefts in the country were recorded here. This is followed by St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region (21.7 percent), the Krasnodar Territory (4.8 percent), the Sverdlovsk and Omsk regions - 4.1 and 3.1 percent, respectively.

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