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New Car Sales In & Nbsp; Russia Are Growing For The Second Month In A Row

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New Car Sales In & Nbsp; Russia Are Growing For The Second Month In A Row
New Car Sales In & Nbsp; Russia Are Growing For The Second Month In A Row
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According to the Association of European Businesses (AEB), in January 2020, the Russian market for new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles added 1.8%: 102,102 cars were sold (plus 1,799 units). The growth rate in January 2020 was noticeably ahead of last year, when the market increased by only 0.6%.

“Not a bad start to the new year, with rather pessimistic expectations. January sales are traditionally the lowest of the year, so we will have to wait and see what the trend will be in the months with higher sales - in February and especially in March,”summed up the results of the month Jörg Schreiber, Chairman of the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee.

About brands


The market leader Lad- started the year with minimal growth, but this figure is due, among other things, to good sales a year ago: over the past month, dealers sold 21,790 vehicles (plus 1%). In addition, the manufacturer increased its market share by 0.5 points - up to 21.3%. But the sales of the ex-Chevrolet Niva, which returned to AvtoVAZ, fell by 11.8%, so the total sales at the plant rose by only 0.4%.

Toyota started the year in the top 10 with record growth. In addition, the Chinese Haval climbed to the 15th line of the rating - the best position in the history of the brand in Russia. He also set a growth record among the best-selling brands. Only Mitsubishi has a strong fall among the leaders - minus 27%.

Among the leaders of premium brands, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus have confidently started the year. Unfortunately, the monthly AEB reports no longer include BMW sales figures. The company decided to change the frequency of publication of sales results from monthly to quarterly. In general, the demand for cars of premium and luxury brands remained at the last year's level - 6.1 thousand cars.

Sales of the 10 most popular mass-market brands decreased by 1.2% to 82 thousand vehicles. Among them, Kia lost the most, and Toyota grew up. In addition, in comparison with last year, the Japanese brand has risen two lines, moving Volkswagen and Skoda.

Top 6 Japanese brands added 5.6%: 17.3 thousand cars were sold. In addition, the best dynamics among brands from Japan was Suzuki: a three-fold jump up, 521 cars. Sales of the premium brand Infiniti fell by more than 2 times.

The Chinese auto industry started the year with double-digit growth: plus 57% and more than 3 thousand cars sold. The leaders are the same as in 2019 - Haval and Geely. Record growth, but with small absolute figures, behind Changan - plus 827%, 241 cars.

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The bestseller of the market - the LadGrant family - continues to increase sales (plus 11%). Silver medalist of 2019 - LadVest - managed to return to growth in January after a protracted drop in sales that had lasted since September (plus 6%). Perhaps cars with a new transmission are helping. Also, among budget cars, the Hyundai Creta crossover was noted with a rise of 28.4%. Hyundai Solaris (10.4 percent) and SkodRapid (18.7 percent) went into a strong minus.

The record dynamics in January was recorded for the Japanese crossover ToyotRav4 - plus 78.3%: weak sales in January-19 and high demand for the new generation of the model affected. The competitors SkodKodiaq (53.5 percent), Volkswagen Tiguan (32.5 percent) and Nissan X-Trail (30.5 percent) also showed good growth.

The biggest drop in the rankings was seen by Renault Duster (24.2%) and Lad4x4 (22.7%). French crossovers simply ran out of dealers after the excitement in December, and the updated version of the Russian SUV entered the assembly line only in December, so the manufacturer has probably not yet had time to fill the dealers' warehouses.

The top 25 sales in January 2020 were KiCerato (plus 21.9%) and MazdCX-5 (plus 14.1%). Left the ratings for Chevrolet Niv and LadXray.

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