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Groundhog Day And Other Super Bowl Car Commercials

Groundhog Day And Other Super Bowl Car Commercials
Groundhog Day And Other Super Bowl Car Commercials

Video: Groundhog Day And Other Super Bowl Car Commercials

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Video: Bill Murray Super Bowl Ad 2023, February

Again February, again the Super Bowl, again a lot of the best commercials that should hook a million audience. And again, another heated debate on the topic "Whose advertising has turned out the best." We will not argue, but only show you the best car videos of the current Super Bowl. Groundhog day, end of the world and some pretty crime. Enjoy!

Jeep and Groundhog Day

Dedicated to fans of Bill Murray and the little rodent who has become the personification of the time trap. Jeep decided to paint the everyday life of their favorite movie hero in the only available way - to introduce a brand new Gladiator pickup into a recurring scenario. It turned out cool!

Hummer vs Hammer

For the debut of a controversial electric (!) Pickup truck (yes, the Hummer has decently mutated), GMC chose the right promoter. How the legendary Akron hammer from the Lakers will surprise and convince the viewer - judge for yourself.

Porsche and the quiet hijacking

But we are lying! What started almost silently turned into an incredibly loud, fast and bright action with elements of automotive history. Thank you Porsche - it looks like the most adrenaline-filled Super Bowl ever!

Toyot and the end of the world

If the world is about to die due to epidemics, slimy aliens, or a solid all-destructive cataclysm, then what about the last transfer of your life? And what about the new Highlander as this very transfer?

Hyundai and the Captain. America-America …

It seems that the bearded stalwart Chris Evans will be surprised with absolutely nothing. And only Hyundai Sonat succeeded. And twice, on one level place - with the help of a short scene in the parking lot, a brand new blue sedan and a million times uttered a phrase. Protect your brain - the "smart park" option is now on your repeat.

Ki and Send

It would seem that it is too deep and valuable message for such a small creature as the Seltos crossover (the novelty is about to arrive in Russia), but Ki has not been introducing smart thoughts into short videos for the first year. And the choice of model is just an excuse to speak up.

Genesis and the sexiest man in the world

Have you been waiting for the GV80 crossover in all its glory? Get it! And along with it - a lot of luxury, expensive crystal and thin hairpins from the world of glamor and pathos.

Audi and Frozen

Maisie Williams, the same Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, has her la-la-land driving an electric e-tron Sportback, and it's very atmospheric. It is highly recommended to watch in traffic.

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