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Renault Runs Out Of Duster Crossovers

Renault Runs Out Of Duster Crossovers
Renault Runs Out Of Duster Crossovers

Video: Renault Runs Out Of Duster Crossovers

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Video: Renault Arkana: краш-тест! Уже не Duster? Бюджетный и безопасный кроссовер? Удар, блэкаут, хэппи-энд 2023, January

Renault's Russian dealers are faced with a shortage of their most popular model, the Duster crossovers. According to Vedomosti, the manufacturer was not ready for the growth in demand.

  • The deficit arose, among other things, due to the rush demand for Duster in December 2019, when sales of the crossover doubled - to 4.5 thousand units.
  • It is assumed that the stocks of cars manufactured in 2019 in the warehouses will be sold out by the end of January or the beginning of February. The shipment of the 2020 cars has just begun.
  • Currently, Duster buyers are waiting for the car for two to three weeks. New cars are sold at the price list of 2020 - from 741 thousand rubles, which is 3% more expensive than last year's car.
  • The press service of the company promises that the crossovers of February production will completely restore the stocks of dealers' warehouses. The company is trying to keep stock at roughly two-month sales.

In 2019, Renault sold almost 145 thousand new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles on the Russian market, which is 6% better than last year's result.

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