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The Kia Brand Will Change Dramatically. We Tell You Exactly How

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The Kia Brand Will Change Dramatically. We Tell You Exactly How
The Kia Brand Will Change Dramatically. We Tell You Exactly How

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Ki at the beginning of 2020 published a development plan for the coming years and called it PlanS. It tells how Ki's business will change in the coming decade, and what cars the South Korean brand will produce by 2025. Collected the main theses.

Item # 1

Ki is now embarking on a global business transformation: from a brand that produces cars with internal combustion engines, Ki will gradually evolve into a brand focused on the production of electric vehicles, the development of personal mobility technologies, and autopilot systems. It is not known exactly when this transformation will end, but there are still some dates in the PlanS program.

Item number 2

An electric crossover should appear by 2021. It will be built on a completely new platform designed specifically for electric vehicles. The power reserve of the model on one charge will exceed 500 kilometers, and it will take 20 minutes to fully recharge the batteries using a special station.

Item number 3

By the end of 2025, the Koreans intend to assemble a lineup of 11 electric vehicles, which are projected to occupy 6.6 percent of the global market (excluding the Chinese market). At the same time, almost a quarter of all cars sold by Ki by this date will be either fully electric or hybrid.

Item No. 4

In addition to electric vehicles, Ki will focus on the development and implementation of new technologies. So, in cooperation with Aptiv, the Koreans want to release autopilots of the 4th and 5th levels - that is, systems whose human intervention is either minimal or not required at all.

In 2022, the automaker will present a "breakthrough autopilot platform", and in 2023, its operation will begin in some regions. Which ones are not specified.

Item number 5

The above plans, however, do not mean that Ki will sharply abandon cars with internal combustion engines. At least in the medium term. Moreover, in emerging markets, Koreans plan to increase sales of cars with gasoline and diesel engines, but even for such countries Ki will prepare "green" models that suit the needs of each market.

Item number 6

The automaker plans to boost crossover sales. Now they account for 50 percent of the total volume, and by 2022 the share should grow to 60 percent. In the next 2-3 years, Ki will present the new generation Sportage and Sorento.

Item number 7

Ki will spend $ 25 billion on PlanS by the end of 2025. If everything goes according to the forecasts of the company's management, then in five years these investments will demonstrate a profitability ratio of 10.6 percent, and the operating profit margin will rise to 6 percent. What does it mean? That the South Korean manufacturer is going to return the money invested in the modernization of its business with a profit.

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