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Hindus Will Make Suzuki Jimny A Five-door

Hindus Will Make Suzuki Jimny A Five-door
Hindus Will Make Suzuki Jimny A Five-door

Video: Hindus Will Make Suzuki Jimny A Five-door

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Video: Maruti Jimny Coming to India? 2023, January

Indian joint venture Maruti Suzuki is planning to bring many new crossovers and SUVs to the home market. As it became known to the local portal GaadiWaadi, one of the new products will be a five-door version of the Suzuki Jimny.

Render of the five-door Suzuki Jimny by GaadiWaadi
  • Currently, the latest generation Suzuki Jimny is not sold in India, but the demand for SUVs is growing in the country, despite the overall decline in sales. Therefore, along with the three-door SUV, there will be a variant with five doors, which should become the most demanded. The body length will increase from 3,650 to a maximum of 3,999 millimeters, as India has tax breaks for vehicles shorter than four meters.
  • The Suzuki Jimny doesn't technically change when lengthened. The three-door SUV has a frame, two continuous axles, a rigidly connected four-wheel drive with a lowering and a 102-horsepower petrol aspirated 1.5, which is combined with a five-speed "mechanics" or a four-speed "automatic".

  • The five-door Suzuki Jimny is expected to be unveiled in 2022 or 2023. The model can be called Gypsy - under this name in India until 2019, the Jimny / Samurai SJ40 of the 1982 model was sold.

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