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Car Sales In Russia Went To & Nbsp; Minus

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Car Sales In Russia Went To & Nbsp; Minus
Car Sales In Russia Went To & Nbsp; Minus

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According to the Association of European Businesses (AEB), in 2020 sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the Russian car market decreased by 2.3%: 1 759 532 cars sold (minus 41 059 units). However, the last month of the year ended with an increase of 2.3% - 179,235 cars were sold (plus 3995 units).

Jörg Schreiber, Chairman of the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, summed up the results of the month, the year, and also gave a forecast for the coming year: “Thanks to the players' efforts to close the month, December sales increased. Despite this, the overall sales for the 4th quarter remained in the negative zone, showing a 3% drop compared to the same period last year. In the coming year, we expect a similarly complex market situation. The forecast for 2020 is 1.72 million units, which represents a further 2.1% decrease from the level reached in 2019.”

About brands


At the end of the year, the market leader - the Lad brand - managed to increase sales by only 1 percent: the car plant sold 362,356 vehicles. Lada's market share increased to 20.6% (plus 0.6 points). In December, the company managed to interrupt a two-month decline and gain a slight plus.

Among the most popular foreign brands are Kia, Hyundai and Renault, but only the French automaker managed to gain profit at the end of the year, and only thanks to the last few months, when dealers showed double-digit sales growth.

Sales of the 10 most popular mass brands fell stronger than the market: minus 2.9% (1,343.1 thousand cars). The worst result was shown by Nissan, and the best dynamics was shown by the Renault brand.

Cars of Japanese brands sank even more: minus 9.1% and 304.6 thousand units. At the end of the year, only two brands turned out to be in positive territory - Datsun and Suzuki, whose sales have little effect on the overall dynamics. The drop in demand for Nissan had the biggest impact on the statistics. In December, sales of Japanese cars decreased by 5.7% (35.4 thousand units), but this is the lowest drop in the fourth quarter of the year.

Chinese cars showed positive dynamics at the end of the year: despite the rather modest absolute figures - 39.8 thousand cars, this is 13.2% more than sold a year ago. The breakthrough of the year can be called the success of the Haval brand, which has launched a full-fledged production in Russia and demonstrates stable growth. The plant in the Tula region is already producing three models - the F7 and F7x platform crossovers, the H9 SUV. Geely also feels confident in Russia, thanks to the demand for the Atlas crossover. In December, the segment of Chinese cars recorded the best growth this year - plus 50% (5788 cars).

Sales of cars of premium and luxury brands went up: 159.4 thousand cars, + 5.1%. In December, 17,320 vehicles of this segment were sold, which is 18.3% more than a year earlier.

About model


The bestseller of the Russian market - the LadGrant family - ended the year with strong growth and only once (in November) the demand for the model was worse than last year. But in December Granta compensated for the fall, at the same time setting record numbers in absolute terms. The flagship of the Togliatti auto giant, the Vest family, also ended the year in positive territory, but sales of this model have continued to decline since September 2019.

Korean soplatform KiRio and Hyundai Solaris set new anti-records for themselves in December: sales of Rio sank by a third, and Solaris dropped to the eighth line in the top. At the end of the year, Rio took bronze without any problems, and Solaris managed not to miss the fifth line in the fight against the Volkswagen Polo.

The best dynamics at the end of the year was shown by the Czech crossover SkodKodiaq (plus 35.2%). Sales of LadXray fell more than others - minus 20.2%. The compact crossover Renault Kaptur (minus 16.4%) turned out to be close to the anti-record, the buyers from which for several months in a row have been taken away by the more recent model Renault Arkana.

Another Russian SUV, UAZ Patriot, made it to the top of December. In the last month of the outgoing year, demand rose by 16.6%.And ToyotRav4 of the new generation set a personal record, climbing to the fifth place in the overall rating. The record fall in December was in the Polo (minus 39.2%), the growth was in the Renault Duster (plus 49.6%).

The top 25 sales in 2019 included KiOptim and SkodKodiaq. Dropped out of the leaderboard Chevrolet Niv and Nissan X-Trail.

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