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Turn Up The Volume! Cars With Very Loud Motors

Turn Up The Volume! Cars With Very Loud Motors
Turn Up The Volume! Cars With Very Loud Motors
Video: Turn Up The Volume! Cars With Very Loud Motors
Video: Sportcars & Supercars Accelerating LOUD! BURNOUTS & LOUD SOUNDS! 2023, February

These machines were not told "Hush!" - they are used to talking in a raised voice. Here are six very loud cars that you may encounter on the roads of the world. Adjust the volume, or rather wear headphones - this collection is important not only to read and watch, but also to listen.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

You don't expect silence from the "Corvette" nameplates with the letters Z by default. The "youngest" of the modified versions, the 659-horsepower Z06, is capable of generating 95 decibels of noise, which, by the way, is more than that of a rail locomotive. And the "older" ZR1 almost breaks through the ceiling of 100 dB, becoming a very noticeable character on any road. Just listen to how her V8 with a quartet of exhaust pipes snarls all over the world!

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Louder than the roar of the front-engined Corvette can only be the sound of the rear-engined 911 in the 520bhp GT3 RS. According to various measurements, the four-liter boxer "six" is capable of delivering up to 102 decibels, which, to put it mildly, is a bit too much for ordinary roads. The previous RS variation of the 2016 sample was even louder: something around 108 dB.

Challenger srt demon

You've probably heard about the howling (or rather, even whining) sound of the 840-horsepower Challenger SRT Demon Compressor V8. This voice cannot be confused with anything: it is high, shrill, evoking associations with the supercharged racing Mercedes-Benz and Bentley of the beginning of the last century. Or air-raid. From the point of view of the impact on the ears, American "Witches" and "Demons" should be sold not in car dealerships, but in stores for adults, in the "everything for BDSM" section. Hear the hellish Dodge's 2.7-liter supercharger howl at 105 decibels.

Jaguar F-Type SVR

If in the voice of the "American" it is possible to isolate albeit alarming, but melodiousness, then the sounds with which the 575-horsepower F-Type wakes up or clears his throat cause anxiety of a different kind: it seems that the five-liter V8 has broken down and right now will spit out something from chewed parts. It is impossible to quietly slip out of the morning parking on a charged SVR: with the push of the Start button, the sports car turns into a very loud alarm clock. You can't sleep with that.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

What about without Ferrari? - you ask. Let's reply with a stupid joke: it's usually quiet without a Ferrari. And where the 6.3-liter F12 Berlinetta sticks its long nose, the echo of the V12 from four pipes jumps from the walls of houses for a long time. For example, here's how the center of Zurich sounds when a "prancing horse" from Maranello appears at its intersections. It was noisy, now it is impossible to make out. However, another Ferrari engine is considered to be the real screamer - namely, the award-winning 570-horsepower V8 Ferrari 458 Italia, which officially produces 95 decibels. At the same time, the network is full of videos on which this sonorous motor breaks through the 130 dB barrier.

Lamborghini Aventador SV

What Ferrari can do enhances and literally decorates Lamborghini. Now we are talking about the fiery shots of the short and luscious exhaust of the 750-horsepower Aventador SuperVeloce. Those who have felt these vibrations will not allow lying: the big Lambo is extremely showy and self-centered, and often the excessive noise is superfluous. For example, to raise the whole underground parking on your ears is a matter of a couple of seconds: start the engine, lightly touch the right pedal and voila. And if you press the gas harder, you can naturally melt someone else's bumper. Yes, Lambo is not for introverts.

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